These Are The 5 Most Expensive Handbags In The World

Hey folks! How it’s going? Are you too, like me, drenched under the fact that we are moving towards a world so expensive that sometimes shopping literally feels like an attack on the pocket? The prices of some products are so high that even the window shopping somewhat gives a slight anxiety attack about the fact that the rates of these things are not only touching the sky but have already passed the atmosphere a long way back and are somewhere in space now, all ready to jump out of the Milky Way galaxy! Okay, a bit exaggerated but you get the point, right?

expensive handbags

Well, keeping this in mind, there is no doubt about the fact that no matter what product you pick up, there can be a list prepared of some of the most expensive pieces under the category of that particular product. Be it shoes or clips, a belt or earrings, each one of them will have a few products which are counted as the top tier under their respective categories on the base of their sky-high prices. So, we thought, to prepare a listenable about the same, yes, these are the top 5 most expensive handbags in the world, sit tight, the prices might just eject the emergency seat out in the sky with your senses still sitting on it!

Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse

This cute little $3.8 million worth of heart-shaped purse has sure stolen the hearts of many diamond and purse lovers. Diamonds? Well, yeah obviously, the purse was handcrafted by artisans where they gave their 8800 precious hours to this handbag which is an 18- karat gold heart-shaped purse. The purse carries a whopping number of 4517 diamonds attached to it as its decoration under which 4356 are colourless diamonds, 56 pink diamonds, and 105 yellow diamonds. Of course, this makes it one of the most expensive purses in the world, the official testimony of which is its place in the Guinness Book of World Record where it is at the top due to its price since 2011! The purse is an asset of Emirati luxury Goods Company, it’s not even shocking, I mean, they truly do prioritize luxury, right?

Hermes Kelly Rose Gold

Don’t let the name deceive you, I know, the name hardly sounds like a purse but it’s not just a purse but is one of the most expensive purses in the world. The $2 million purses will also save you the cost of a diamond-studded bracelet! Confused? Well, just like the unique name, the concept of this bag is unique too, the handle resembles a bracelet and the solid rose gold-made purse resembles the crocodile skin. The purse is designed by Hermes and jeweler Pierce Hardy in collaboration making this purse carry 1160 diamonds. It took the creators 2 years to make it while the number of pieces is limited to just 12.

Hermes Birkin Bag by Ginza Tanaka

I mean, if multi-tasking had a face, this purse might just be it! This platinum beauty designed by Japanese designer Ginza Tanaka is not just a purse but can be many more things depending on which accessory you want it to be at any given time! The purse is made of platinum and is studded by a pear-shaped 8- karat stone along with 2000 diamonds. The most astonishing feature of this purse is that it can be made into a necklace, broach, and a bracelet just by detaching or attaching a few parts of the purse, depending on the need of the hour.

Hermes Chaine a’Ancre Bag

The number of pieces for this bag is limited to three making it a perfect collectible! The bag costs $1.4 million and is designed by Pierre Hardy. The name does justice to the structure of the bag keeping in mind its design which basically is of chains and anchors. The unique bag is studded with 1160 diamonds. The bag sure will give you a different vibe if you carry one if you will be able to buy it, of course.

Lana Marks Cleopatra Clutch

This celebrity favorite is a beautiful purse that costs $400000 million. The pieces are very rare as they make only one every year with different colours and designs. Among all the purses ever made under this, Singer Li Bingbing owns the most expensive one which is silver in colour, is studded with 1600 diamonds, and has her name on it which too, is written by pink diamonds. The Cleopatra purse has a well-renowned value among the celebs and holds a place of its own!

Well, these were some of the most expensive handbags around the world, if you can, feel free to choose one to buy!

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