Tips For Travelling To The Incredible India

When travelling to any exotic place for a visit you have to consider some tips such as getting travel insurance, checking entry guidelines, sticking to the budget, making plans after taking the weather into consideration (quite important in this case, by the way), learning the local language, etc. But when traveling to India, there are some exceptional tips and hacks that you MUST make yourself familiar with. 

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Tips For Travelling To The Incredible India

Well, don’t go on the quotation because visiting India is the opposite of any race. It is a beautiful and exotic experience that stays with you for a lifetime. Don’t try to cover too much ground in one go, it is not touch and go. Experience the culture, heritage and also prepare yourself for cultural shocks. Go beyond the  cities and popular places, the real feel lies in the authentic and unexplored.

Pro-tip – dress conservatively, preferably according to the cultural dress code of the palace you are visiting

Safety First

Tips for travelling in India

When it comes to safety, a little extra caution can’t hurt. Watch out for scams in the name of religion, travel scams or in case vendors charge you more than their normal rates. Also, watch out for pickpockets (careful while on the sidewalk) and don’t be fooled by fake ticket offices. By the way, count your change very carefully and be on your guard when exchanging money.

Pro-tip – Make sure to carry hand sanitizer and toilet paper on road trips

Heath Is The Real Wealth

Tips For Travelling To The Incredible India

While travelling to India, don’t miss out on trying the amazing cuisines Indians offer but at the same time take necessary precautions such as carrying diarrhea tablets, checking for the ingredients before trying in case of allergies, inspect bottled water before purchasing, etc. Even though you will find non-vegetarian food in India especially the famous ‘biryanis’ and ‘kebabs’ of Lucknow  but prefer going vegetarian on your trip to India. You will find a whole new variety of food you might not have experienced before. 

Pro-tip – Do not be afraid of the local pharmacies, they aren’t fancy but they will fix your problem

Cultural Trends To Keep In Mind When Travelling To India

tips for travelling in India

Keep these things in mind no matter where you visit when travelling to India! Make sure to take your footwear off when entering a temple or any religious place. Understand the indian head waffles because there are more than just the 2! Keep in mind that the concept of personal space for Indians is very different from your own and thus an advice for couples is to not indulge in a lot of public affection (they don’t appreciate it!). Also, do not expect punctuality so much in social events! Get a sim when in India as well!

Pro-tip – Learn haggling, it will come in handy way too much!

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