Top 5 Anime Games In iOS

The best kind of ‘taking over the world’ would be, without a doubt, if the anime world takes over everything. Unfortunately, that kinda seems difficult, and we know it is the major hindrance to our fantasy of living in a world of anime but again the world can’t be that gloomy until the gamer community exists! 

So until the anime is not taking over and until the gamers and games are alive, the best thing we can do to settle down for now is to combine these two because anyway we would get the same result! Don’t get it? Well, we are talking about some of the best anime games that you people can play and get the beautiful experience of living in an anime world, where your moves, decisions, and battles! will matter. In short, your gameplay will matter, I mean obviously, since it’s a game, however, the fun will definitely be ultimate. 

Keeping in mind the thousands of options that android uses have when it comes to apps and Google play, let’s also focus on the iOS uses for a while now. Listed below are the top 5 anime games for iOS users. 

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Battle

best anime games - Top 5 Anime Games In iOS

If you thought that Naruto won’t make the list then he would definitely have Rasengan-ed you. For all the Naruto lovers out there with an iOS in their hands, well rest assured because this game is the perfect gameplay for you. 

It was released in 2016 based on the anime Naturo, of course. The game allows you to be in the ninja world of Naruto where you make allies in order to win the battles thrown at you and move forward. The genre of the game is an action role-playing game which by far gives the best kind of experience. All the best to the people who are gonna play this with their friends and aim to be the next Hokage-tebayo!

Yu-Gi-Ho: Duel Generation

top anime games - Top 5 Anime Games In iOS

Well, this one is a combo of anime and card game lovers! Yo-Gi-Ho: Duel Generation is a card game that consists of 6000 different cards! This means you have 6000 cards to use while playing, I mean only if you are actually able to get them all!

The game is simple, the characters themselves are based on the popular anime, all you do is play with your friends by getting, losing, or exchanging various cards that hold different kinds of powers. The game allows you to deal with monsters, spells, and traps in order to ultimately win. I mean, can this be more wholesome?!

One Piece Treasure Cruise

Top 5 Anime Games In iOS

The fans of the never-ending anime One Piece will be extremely happy to give a try to this game and experience their long life fantasy to be inside this anime or to be a pirate, either way, it’s a genius way to calm your thirst for being in One Piece or being a pirate. 

The game lets you role play as a pirate and gives you the beautiful opportunity to be the acting head as you are the one to recruit an entire crew and go on battles in order to win the game. 

Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag

best anime games - Top 5 Anime Games In iOS

The Sword Art Online lover would be happy to know that this game gives them a chance to be their favourite character and relive the life of their chosen anime character. The game is by far the simplest on the list with one-touch controls and 2D anime adventures full of action.

You can collect various characters if you wish and depending on your game pay can upgrade them accordingly. The game will definitely fulfill all your expectations and a great way to pass time. I mean ‘why not’ shouldn’t even be the question here!

Black Clover Phantom Knight

best anime games

For this one, collect all your web friends who would be into games that give an original story to make along with characters. The role-playing game is based on the anime Black Clover where it provides an original story and characters. Cool! 

The basics are simple to defend the kingdom that you make however the best part is you do that with your friends who would be the other original characters in the game. I mean, what else can you ask for in a game but to not just role play but to actually have a character of your own and a kingdom to defend, so all we can say is pull up your socks and get ready to win some battles if you want to keep that kingdom of yours standing high. 

The best thing about these games is that despite the name, the games are not just for the iOS players but of course can be played on your Androids! So, happy playing!

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