Top 10 Honeymoon Escape Ideas

After every wedding comes a honeymoon. Like the wedding, it’s also normally planed months in advance. The problem couples face sometimes is where to go to enjoy their time. We’re here to offer you some amazing honeymoon escape ideas that both of you might agree upon. Let’s begin:

The Overwater Bungalows In Bora Bora
Source: Wikimedia Commons / Benoit Mahe

Bora bora in itself is a special place for those that are looking to enjoy each other’s company. You can take this a step further by having your own overwater bungalow. The surroundings are lush with palm trees around you. A swim here is as simple off your platform into the clear waters below.

Visit The Wineries In Sonoma, California
Source: Wikimedia Commons / Jim G from Silicon Valley, CA, USA

The first thing that would attract the two of you is the beauty of the locale. On top of that, this is the home to some of the best wine. The two of you can take your time enjoy the food and even go wine tasting in some exclusive wineries.

Koh Kood, Thailand For An Island Getaway
Source: Flickr/Surreal Name Given

The south pacific is now being recognized as a top honeymoon destination and the place leading this change is Thailand. There are many places you could visit, but for now let’s focus on the island getaway at Koh Kood. You can have fun on this island and savor the beauty of the surrounding rain forest.

The Beaches In Santorini, Greece
Source: Flikr / Moja Grčka Sajt

Santorini located in Greece is a great place for the newlyweds that love history and the outdoors. Don’t let the financial crisis in Greece scare you, it’s still a great place to visit. You’ll enjoy the memorable black and red sands together with the clear beaches. You could also go on a tour and climb the stairs to the city of Manolas.

Fiji, To Dive In The South Pacific
Source: Flikr / Chris Isherwood

If the ocean is what both of you love, then Fiji might be a great option. The place is described by some as a “diver’s paradise”. The two of you can get to enjoy the reefs that contain a plethora of interesting sea creatures. The best part about it is that you don’t need a certification to enjoy diving. This is because of the shallow depths that ensure almost anyone can get to enjoy the beautiful reefs.

Paris, For The Romantic Environment

This list might not be complete without mentioning Paris or should we say the “city of love”. The city is synonymous with love. If both of you don’t care about the oceans or nature, then this might be the place. The architecture, food and art help bring that romantic vibe that’s great to feed off of as newlyweds.

For A Blend Of The Colonial Past And Cultural Present At Laos
Source: Flikr / M M

This might not be for everyone. There are people who find a blend of cultures especially in architecture and lifestyle quite appealing. If the two of you are part of this group, then Laos is the place to be. The city still maintains a large swathe of French colonial influence that’s also blended in with the local culture. The combination is magical as you can experience great cuisines as well as beautiful architecture among may other things.

Spoil Yourselves In The Maldives

This is probably a location that you have constantly heard of being mentioned. We can tell you this, it definitely lives up to its name. You and your partner can choose to spoil yourselves on the beautiful islands that is the Maldives. Beautiful beaches, coral reefs as well as many great tourist hotels. The two of you will feel royal during your stay.

Keep Your Adrenaline Pumping With A Bike Ride Down A Volcano In Hawaii
Source: Flikr / Scott

We’re all different in some way. Some would want a romantic get away, but there are people who love to have a thrill during their honeymoon. The desire for this thrill can be quenched with this ride. The volcano is called Haleakala, also called “House of the Sun”. Seeing the sun rise at the 10,000-foot summit will definitely answer your question on why it’s named the way it is. Don’t worry you don’t need to be Tour de France fit to take the bike ride. There are companies that allow you to take the route at your own pace.

Take A Gondola Ride In Venice

To cap this off, let’s finish with the stereotypical option. A gondola ride in Venice. You might have seen this on TV, but the ride is a totally different experience. The two of you can take your time exploring the beautiful city or could choose to go on a leisure ride to the nearby beautiful Islands.

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