Top 5 Most Colourful Cultural Traditions Around The World

Remember the times when the movies were black and white? Of course, they were the masterpiece of their time depending on the minimal technology but it does give an idea about how the world would have been to us without colours. Not to be very obvious but be it movies or our real world, colors for sure are the simplest creation of nature that undoubtedly gives the most powerful and unforgettable touch to each and everything they come in contact with.

 So, of course, it is no different when it comes to traditions as well, first of all, traditions in itself is a synonym for love and joy, so how can it be not a guaranteed fun once these traditions are wonderfully merged with the beauty of colours.

Luckily, many people realized the charm of this master combo which resulted in some of the most colourful cultural traditions around the world.

So here are the top 5 most colourful cultural traditions around the world that you would love to be a part of at least once in your life, or twice for that matter!


Top 5 Most Colourful Cultural Traditions Around The World

 Holi is a festival which is celebrated in India and no doubt it stands at the top for being one of the most colourful festivals since it is literally the festival of colours! You don’t believe us? Fine, let us elaborate on how it’s celebrated – Colours and Water. Still, don’t get it? Holi is literally a festival where people play with water and various kinds of colours all day long! 

Also known as the ‘festival of spring’ or ‘festival of colours’, Holi started ages ago with a cause that celebrates the take of good over evil, it also marks the starting of the spring and the end of the winter. March is the lucky month that you will find the streets of India all soaked in water and people all covered in colours, so if you are planning to turn your March into an experience worth remembering, we suggest you better pay a visit to India in March.

Rio de Janeiro Carnival

Top 5 Most Colourful Cultural Traditions Around The World

Brazil is known for many things but the one which stands out the most is the Rio De Janeiro Carnival. The Rio Carnival marked its beginning in 1723 and has now become the biggest carnival in the world that engages around two million people every year. 

Held every year before Lent, the Rio Carnival is celebrated with full energy involving parties,

open-air performances, and dances and entertains a huge crowd which gathers as the spectators of this festival. The highlights of the festival without a question are the Samba dancers that fill the street with joy once they move around with their costumes full of vibrant feathers and generate a spark in the eyes of the people from around the corner who pay a visit to this marvellous festival.

New Year

Top 5 Most Colourful Cultural Traditions Around The World

 Of course, New Year is no less than a festival in any country and how people celebrate it around the world is equivalent to an international party, however, if you think your New Year parties are absolute lit then wait till you see the Chinese New Year celebration. Celebrated in January or February, according to the Chinese traditional calendar and is referred to as the Spring Festival, this is by far the most vibrant tradition that celebrates the beginning of the New Year. 

Apart from the basics like family dinner, gathering and fireworks, what really stands out here is the dragon dance and the lion dance. Remember those huge dragons that roam the streets with people inside it in the movies, yes that’s the one we are talking about here. So in case you decide to have a different kind of New Year party for this year, do consider going to China. Bonus- you can go after celebrating your own since Chinese New Year starts in January or February. 

Day of the Dead

Top 5 Most Colourful Cultural Traditions Around The World

 Don’t worry we are not trying to spook you or something nor are we pushing you to celebrate something deadly, instead, this festival is by far the sweetest when it comes to remembering the dead among the family and friends. The Day of the Dead is a festival that is celebrated in Mexico where people remember the dead in the most colourful and beautiful way. 

The entire celebration is not seen as a day to mourn but to celebrate and throw parades and dances, parties, singing, and costumes however one of the feature that is often greatly associated with it is that the people putting on paint on their faces as skeletons which many of you must have seen in the movie Coco! The festival goes on for two days as an ultimate way to pay respects to the dead. So next time you wonder where to celebrate the way they did in Coco, well now you know where.

Umbrella Sky Project

Top 5 Most Colourful Cultural Traditions Around The World

 Umbrella Sky Project is kind of the youngest in this list as it started in 2011, ya it’s that new! It started as a part of the art festival but as we all know how colours work and especially if its colours hang to the buildings covering the entire streets with various shadows of different colours, then we guess it’s bound to be a yearly tradition.

Umbrella sky Project as the name suggests is by far the most creative one on the list, it is celebrated in Agueda, Portugal where an end number of colourful umbrellas are hung in the streets giving the most artistic and unique experience to the people walking below. Many events try to follow this in order to give that typical artistic look to their decor however if you want the original experience of the umbrella sky, then do book a ticket in July, August, or September for Portugal.

Do let us know which was the most colourful tradition to you, and in case you came across these for the first time here itself, then thank us later after you actually did end up participating in them.

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