Top 5 Netflix Shows On Monarchs

We’re all probably living under a rock if we haven’t yet heard of the Crown. The Netflix show dropped the teaser of the upcoming season 4 not too long ago and fans couldn’t hold back. For a number of reasons, amongst which was the back shot of Princess Diana walking down her wedding aisle, in her classic gown. Sigh.

And while you wait for Diana to shine in all her matrimony glory in the series, here are top 5 Netflix shows on monarchs that deserve your time. For the gowns, suits, grandeur and enigma.

The Royal House of Windsor

Top 5 Netflix Shows On Monarchs

This docu-series attempts to trace the history of the British royal family. Right from its Saxe-Coburg-Gothas origins to the establishing themselves in a re-oriented House of Windsor identity. From the crisis that embroiled the royal family from time to time, right about Princess Dian’s death, the show attempts to give viewers an insight into the making of the 100-year old dynasty. If you really want to know about the House of Windsor,a good idea might be to binge on this show, and then move down this list and watch the other quirky entrant that gives the storytelling of this royal family’s history, an eccentric twist.

The Last Czar

Top 5 Netflix Shows On Monarchs

This show follows a docu-drama format. Interlaced with staged scenes from history and shots of researchers and subject scholars commenting on the Last Czars of Russia, the show may come across more academic. Nonetheless, it makes for a nail biting and eventually, heart breaking watch. The series begins with the ascension of Czar Nicholas II to the throne of the ruling Romanov Dynasty founded in 1613. With social tensions rising and common sentiments against the monarchy reaching an all time high, the show documents the last days of the Russian Romanovs. Engulfed by the Revolution and the misplaced resistance to change by the Monarchy, this is the story of the Last Czar. Good old Rasputin features prominently.


Top 5 Netflix Shows On Monarchs

This BBC series tops all lists about binge worthy shows on Netflix. Which is why we placed it third. You’ll end up watching this anyway, and for all the good reasons. The series centers around King Louis XIV and his decision to transform the erstwhile royal hunting lodge into a grand palace. The structure we know today as Versailles. Of course, this is just context. The journey of Louis XIV from a mindless womanizer to a leader, insights into the bedroom culture back in the day and loads of monarchial raunch form the foreground of this historical drama. 

The series isn’t fast paced, but intriguing and engaging nonetheless. Grand architecture, royal pride and on-location scenes, this one’s quite the catch.

The Windsors

Top 5 Netflix Shows On Monarchs

It’s  difficult to name what really works for this quirky take on the Windsors. It’s accurate portrayal of the whole ‘Megxit’ fiasco? Princess Beatrce and Princess Eugenie being taken in by radical ideologies? Kate Middleton or the Duchess of Cambridge, catching Ebola? We’re not sure really. And we’re not sure whether you’d want to pick favourites out of this quirk-fest too! And why, when you can have it all?

The Emperor : Owner of the Mask

Top 5 Netflix Shows On Monarchs

Set during the reign of Korea’s Joseon dynasty, the story revolved around crown prince Lee Sun who fights the powerful grouping of the Pyeonsuhwe society, for the sake of his people. Why? Well, the group holds absolute power not for the betterment of society but for selfish goals. Fulfilled by means such as privatising water supply and completely controlling it. The story spins around themes of love, politics, action and compassion for countrymen.

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