Top iOS Games To Catch In October

Some do it to clear some headspace. Some do it to unwind. And of course, some do it for the thrill and the others for the win. Irrespective of what’s on your agenda, getting down with some video games never did anybody any harm. And with the work from home model continuing for a majority of us, why not unwind a bit more, after spending an entire day on worksheets and Zoom calls? For all the iPhone users, here are top 5 games you could get playing right now.

War Commander: Rogue Assault

War Commander: Rogue AssaultiOS games in October

This strategy game tops many lists online, not just for its fantastic (and massive) gaming universe, but also the 3D graphics that make it oh-so-killer. Set in an era gone by, the game involves elite fighter troops fighting each other to complete missions. With soldiers, armies, cavalry and infantry at your disposal, plan all you want. And fight even harder. All in all, just save your base. 

Heads Up

Heads Up iOS games in october

Personal favourite on the list. Easy, funny and gosh, so much fun. Get this ultimate party game on your iOS platform and get guessing and get your friends to drop hints. The drill is easy. You get something. Anything. From names of movies, to your favourite Netflix character to the name of an animal. On your screen. You hold the phone up to your forehead facing your friends and make them help you in guessing what your screen says. You guessed it right, great. You don’t, just make a pass. 

Among Us

Among Us

There’s no way you haven’t heard of the game, if you haven’t played it yet. It’s everywhere and everyone seems to be talking about it. From hardcore gamers, to the snobs. A culture symbol by now, the game has a team of four to ten players on a spaceship, all working towards keeping it going. Except, certain players are actually imposters who could betray you any moment. How? By killing you and sabotaging the entire space voyage of course! Do you figure out who the imposter is amongst you, on your own? Do you trust your friend when she or he tells you they may know who the imposter is? Or is your closest confidante on the spaceship actually the cheat? Whew! Cuts a bit too close to reality doesn’t it?

The Sims Mobile

The Sims Mobile iOS games in October

Well, this one was a lockdown favourite. And seems to hold on to gamer fancy even beyond. Not really your standard house decorating game, but super fun nonetheless. This life simulation gameplay allows you to create and even control people. Given that most of us (read:all of us) would give an arm for such a superpower in the real world, why not try it out virtually? One of the aspects of this make-your-own-world game is one where you get to design your home, from scratch. 

Impossible Space Adventure

Impossible Space Adventure

Free to play, and super exciting to get on to. Your character stands in space, with a gun. Or guns. He’s doing all the firing, aiming, strategising, and killing. All you’ve got to do, sitting on the other end of the screen is move. You, however, need to ensure your hero moves and glides not just to attack but also to save himself from the attack of the enemies. And for this, you’ve got rocks. But also obstacles to save yourself from. Easy and simple. Ultimate mindless past time, if I could label it. 

There you go. Between all the working, multi-tasking, laptop viewing and what not, for goodness sakes get yourself a break!

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