Top Most Iconic Tattoos Through The History And Their Meaning

I believe, and I think most of you will agree with me, the fact that the best and the most beautiful form of expression is through the form of art. We come across so many art forms, be it singing, dancing, painting, acting, and much more, each one of them carries a value so powerful yet beautiful that humankind is simply blessed to have these being recognized throughout history.

Top Most Iconic Tattoos Through The History And Their Meaning

Art has evolved on a radical level, it has changed from the time of its origin due to the cultural mix which especially increased in the last few centuries which ultimately played a vital role in giving out some of the best results we can ever imagine. Tattoo, no doubt, is one of these stunning art forms that has been in history for so long that now it carries a number of tattoos itself which carry a history and meaning of their own. The wide acceptance of these particular ancient tattoos due to their origin stories and meaning has a strange charm to it that will definitely compel you to know more about these designs.

So here are some of the top tattoos through history that carry a beautiful meaning that you would like to know.

Mom tattoo

Of course, people love to have a tattoo that is unique or rare on its own but have you wondered the reason why it is so common to come across literally thousands of people with this iconic ‘Mom’ tattoo? Like they don’t bother about the fact that they can literally encounter the same tattoo on someone else’s body at any time. Well, I guess the reason is quite simple, a mother is just too precious to even bother with such petty things as being copied and all. Mom tattoo has a long history and a beautiful meaning attached to it where it simply shows the physical toughness of getting a tattoo but also the pure sensitivity and love towards you mom since you went all out to get that inked! This was somewhere originated by the sailors in tribute of their mother and to show their love towards their mom and it now has become one of the most common yet loved tattoos in the west. The common interpretation of the tattoo is mostly done through writing ‘mom’ or ‘mommy’, whatever you personally prefer on a banner to establish that power status that a mother carries. The heart is mostly preferred to show the obvious emotion of love however people do choose various other significant symbols as well, such as an anchor, flower, crown, and such with ‘mom’ written on them.

Koi tattoo

Have you seen the tattoo about beautiful fishes, mostly two. Well, the koi tattoo is basically this fish tattoo that has a beautiful yet powerful meaning behind it. The tattoo is mostly associated with overcoming a bad phase. The tattoo can also represent that a person is still overcoming something in their life. whatever it may be, but it for sure represents the power and will to struggle to pass on to a much happier phase of life by overcoming the not-so-good one.

Anchor tattoo

The origin of this beautiful tattoo was again the sailors. I mean the sailors definitely gave many tattoos to us! The meaning is as beautiful as the design as it symbolizes the hope to return home safely for sailors keeping in mind how important an anchor is to the ship. For non-sailors too, the meaning remains the same, they may add a name of people they want to tribute as being the anchor of their life! Basically telling them how important they find them and how they would be lost without these people. Simply beautiful. Another common sailor tattoos are the Compass tattoo as the symbol and hope to be guided home no matter where they are, the Swallows tattoo is something which they originally used to get once they completed 5000 nautical miles in the sea, the Rope on the wrist represents the sailor as being the deckhand of the ship.

Borneo Rose tattoo

This one is more of a traditional one, not that others can’t get but it carries a much heavier meaning for the Iban people. The tattoo represents eggplant Borneo flower which marks the Iban tradition of the journey of knowledge and wisdom, also known as Bejalai. This is not something that an Iban individual randomly gets in order to associate with their people but something that they get as their first tattoo on the shoulder to mark the place where the straps of the bag rest, denoting the carrying of their responsibilities. 

Black Tear tattoo

It is not a random tear but a common tattoo associated with being inked in the prison and the meaning behind can vary from person to person, although the tattoo mostly is associated with time served in prison, sorrow or humiliation. Another such tattoo that is associated with the gang is the cobweb tattoo, mostly found in the elbow, it basically represents that the person has spent a long time behind the bars, so much so that a spider has made a web on the hand. it can also mean being trapped for too long behind the bars.

Of course, there are many other tattoos that carry some meaning behind them, in fact, most of the tattoos carry some personalized meaning with them, though, some like the above, end up being the most common ones keeping in mind their universal meaning and value.

These were some of the most common of such categories, what do you think of them? Did you know about them or are you coming across the meanings for the first time? Let us know which one seemed to be the most accepted and felt heavy to connect with.

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