Boys, Here Is How You Can Look Your Best While Travelling!

We all love travelling and we have been through that conversation a million times! What else do we love? To look good while we travel! But this is not as easy as this sounds because sometimes we are completely clueless as to what our travel look should be like! No worries boys, because I am about to change your life (or at least make it more stylish) with this one article.Here are some travel looks for guys.

Let’s get to work immediately now. Every trip can be broken down into three important parts. The first one is the ‘travel to the destination’ phase. I know this is where you do the flight/train/bus journey and it is hectic on its own and you want to be comfortable. Who said comfort and trendy can’t go well together? What is more comfortable than shorts and a T-shirt? Comfy for the journey right! Now wear a jacket over the T-shirt, it can be a denim jacket or any other jacket with a thin fabric to make you look free and comfortable. Along with this, wear shades, a good pair of sport shoes, carry a good-looking luggage bag and a hat is optional! Another safe option that always works is a round neck plain t-shirt, an unbuttoned shirt over it and a pair of chinos followed by shades shoes and a duffle bag! There you go, make sure to protect yourself from the paparazzi that is going to be all over the airport to click your look!

Travel looks for guys: Boys, Here Is How You Can Look Your Best While Travelling!

Next important part is your look genre for the trip. This varies according to the destination that you are planning to visit. If it is a beach then your best friend should be a beige colour hat, light shirts worn with dark Bermuda pants or dark shirts paired with light lowers. Pair of sandals/slippers and shades! If you feel a little too experimental wear a colourful printed beachy vest and pair it with a white classic Bermuda! The best part about a beach outfit is that you can go wild and pick colours that you can never wear in your normal lifestyle like peach, flower prints, pink, light yellow, light orange, sky blue, orange etc.

Travel looks for guys: Boys, Here Is How You Can Look Your Best While Travelling!

However, if it is a mountain adventure then your look completely changes. While there is obviously cold here, you can’t compromise on your fashion. One thing that you can do is wear a light coloured collared shirt and over it wear a pullover/sweater. From the neck, make sure you put the shirt collar over your sweater neck and push the sweater sleeves up while folding the shirt sleeves on the sweater. Wear a good watch, a jean or cargo pants and off you go!

Travel looks for guys: Boys, Here Is How You Can Look Your Best While Travelling!

The third part is the one day on the trip where you are going to the best place or to a party or you know for sure that you are going to click a lot of pictures. Here pick a trendy watch, scarf and shades over ripped jeans or even t-shirt, jacket, chinos and boots can totally change your look!

Travel looks for guys: Boys, Here Is How You Can Look Your Best While Travelling!

So here were some basic looks on how to look your best while travelling. Let us know in the comment section below which outfit idea was your favourite!

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