Underrated Cities From The Five Continents!

2020 has been a very rocky year, especially for those who had a bunch of travel destinations planned for the year. While everyone is well aware of the common destinations around the world, we at Yodoozy offer to you a list of underrated cities across the five continents. These five cities that are capable of providing unforgettable experiences remain rather forgotten today.

Isfahan, Iran: Asia

Once referred to as the ‘Nasfe-E-Jahan, Isfahan is one of the underrated cities in Asia situated in Iran which was considered to be ‘Half the World’. This neglected city in the Asian continent is home to a world heritage site, the Naqsh-e-Jahan Square which translates to ‘Image of the world’. This site is located in the very center of the city and is surrounded with the most mesmerizing mosques and the best restaurants of the town. Not only does this attraction of the city have the most unique architecture but also hosts the traditional bazaar of Isfahan. Ranging from hand-woven handicrafts to woodworks, jewels to famous Iranian toffees, once you enter this bazaar, it is a given that you will leave with empty pockets! While speaking of architecture and history, it is impossible to miss out on the Chehel Sotoun Palace.

Placed right in the middle of a beautiful garden, this palace finds itself among the nine Persian Gardens listed by UNESCO World Heritage Site. To have the most picture-perfect moment in this city one must not miss out on the Si O Se Pol Bridge which was built in the 17th century and remains beautifully lit at night. Speaking of bridges, be sure to walk through the Kaju Bridge at night where men are joyfully singing and dancing with gossips and laughter being exchanged wherein the street vendors are selling tea and snacks, one will surely leave this place happy and well-fed.  

While these were just a few things to do among the many more, Isfahan must surely be on your travel list if you wish to encounter a beautiful amalgam of architecture and culture.

Broome, Australia: Oceania

If you are wishing to escape the skyscrapers and want to have your #wanderlust mode on then this city in Australia must be on your go-to list. This hidden gem might get neglected behind the busy roads and noisy cities, but its silence is what makes it worth. Be it the cable beach which has spotless white sand gently hugging the light blue sea or the horizontal falls this city is a natural bliss. Another natural miracle that this city host is most commonly known as the ‘Staircase to the Moon’.

This happens when the moon rises above the tidal flats of the Roebuck Bay which further reflects in the water and creates an illusion of steps. This happens only thrice a month and is worth waiting for! If you are still not convinced to call this city a natural bliss then you can visit the Broome town beach or take camel tours on the endless sand and enjoy the peaceful sunset. Here you will feel every moment and experience the silence like never before. Other activities when in Broome include watching the humpback whales that arrive around June and visiting the Broome Historical Museum. One can also spot the world’s oldest open-air cinema here, Sun Pictures Cinema where movies are run till date. 

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, circle your calendar and go explore this underrated city in Australia. 

Park City, United States: North America

This is a comfortable weekend getaway city that gets overlooked due to the hustle-bustle of America. Also known as the ski town, park city one of the underrated cities on the North American continent, is perfect for an adventurous outing. Park City is most famous for America’s biggest ski area so, be sure to hit that spot. Even if you are not a ski pro, the sleigh rides have got you covered. Though it might seem to be an ideal winter destination, visit in spring for hot air ballooning. You can easily replace your ski with a bike or a hike in the summer months or go for rafting and kayaking or horse-back riding! Go for a picnic, go fishing, go mountain biking on the warm days! This secluded city has got something to offer for every season. Irrespective of the season you are visiting the city in, the Alpine Coaster and Slide is a must. This coaster is full of twists and turns taking the passengers through the city’s breathtaking mountain scenery. For more adventure one can even visit the Utah Olympic Park where the Winter Olympics 2002 were held. This place still offers several facilities like zip lining, mountain coaster, and many more.

If you wish to take a break from the adventure and nature then you can go visit the Kimball Art Center which is a display of paintings and art of artists from across the country. More than just an exhibition, this place offers over 300 classes in various fields of art. This spot is no less than a local gem! Not only famous for its adventure, but this city is also famous for quite a few restaurants like the Grub Steak and the Tupelo Park City. This city in North America is a must-visit if you are in the mood to get out of your comfort zone and break the boredom of mundane routines.

Maldini, Kenya, Africa

In the mood to chill, have some seafood, and enjoy sunbathing at the beach? Well, Malindi is the place for you! This port town in Kenya is one of the underrated cities from the African continent and offers a wide range of options for you to have just the perfect beachy vacay. One can start with Watamu Beach where the beautiful white sand and low tide make it a perfect place to just relax! If sunbathing is too boring then you can also get in the water for a fun session of snorkeling and play water sports! If this beach does not satisfy the beach lover in you then be sure to visit Jacaranda Bay, which was declared as the most beautiful beach in Kenya which is not at all surprising given its blue waters and white sand stretching up to ten kilometers.

When in Malindi do not forget to visit the Vasco da Gama Pillar built in the year 1498 and learn about the historical significance of that place. The beauty of this city is that it does not offer a streamlined experience of just beaches but also has hanging gardens, a Portuguese chapel, Falconry of Kenya, and the Marafa Depression. With a number of resorts and a couple of clubs, this coastal city makes a good vacation spot!

Odense, Denmark: Europe

Located on the island of Funen, which is known as the ‘Garden of Denmark’, famous for its lush green gardens, flowers, and natural beauty this city is nothing short of a magical journey. Odense is one of the underrated cities situated on the European continent. When in this city, one can visit the former residence of the author H.C. Andersen that has now been converted into a museum that will take the tourists on the road of his imagination. Colorful houses and cobblestone streets, this city is no less than a fairy tale land. A twenty minutes’ drive will take you to the Egeskov Castle built in the year 1554. Apart from that, this city even has an open-air village.

To add to the fairy tale essence of the city, one can see guides dressed in period costumes taking all the tourists on a beautiful journey showcasing crafts and cooking. This entire journey is a perfect family getaway to the land of magic which will surely leave you awestruck. Just when you think that the city can’t get any more magical, this city offers you a surreal experience in ‘The Time Collection’ which is a museum where the tourists can touch, feel and even wear the period costumes. There is full leniency to go ahead and wear those fascinating hats and tailcoats and walk around different rooms each of which offer a different time period.  Another small but beautiful pit stop in this city is the Odense zoo where one can spot penguins, chimps, tigers, lions and many more animals. In short, this city is a full package of the magical experience that we all owe to the child in us!

Let us know if you have been to any of these underrated cities across the world!

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