7 Extremely Weird Beers That’ll Drive Anyone Crazy

Over the last few decades, it has come to notice that the brewers of beer have been adding the strangest and the most bizarre ingredients and this doesn’t seem to stop any time soon. From your fertilized pee (yes, you read that correctly) to the yeast that is found in your beard, all this is used in making some of these beers. And a surprising fact is that people are readily drinking it without giving it a second thought. These quirky and zany beers have made quite a name for themselves in the world even with the weird processes and names that tag along with them. 


Given below are seven weird beers that you couldn’t have possibly imagined existed. Brace yourself! It’s a weird journey ahead.

Pisner By Norrebro Bryghus

If you have attended Denmark’s Roskilde music festival then there is a high chance that your pee was used to make this beer. Over 50,000 gallons of pee was collected from the festival and used to fertilize melted barley that was then harvested and turned into Pisner. It is the world’s first beer in the world to use human pee. Don’t worry, the taste is round and rich without any unnecessary bitterness, you’re welcome.

Jurassic Saison By Fossil Fuels

Finding yeast in the DNA of a 45-million-year-old fossilized amber was probably like hitting the jackpot for Fossil Fuels. You shouldn’t be surprised that it was then used in making beer. Guess we can name it the “oldest” beer. It has a grapefruit, clove-y, spicy flavour which pleases a lot of customers. 

Un, Kono Kuro By Sankt Gallen Brewery

If you think you have seen something weird, think again. This popular Japanese brew, in simple terms, is elephant-coffee-poop beer. This beer is made by fermenting coffee beans that has been passed through the digestive system of Thai elephants. The afterglow of this drink is more appreciated than its on-the- spot taste.

Chicha (Saliva Beer) By Dogfish Head

Does anyone feel like we are inching higher towards the meter of weird? This Peruvian beer is made from corn. Wait for it. But this corn is fermented by being chewed up and spat out in a sort of fermentable mash. Yes, that is how this beer is made. It is spat on. But that doesn’t stop people from liking it. In fact, it is quite popular in Peru. It somehow manages to give a fruity aftertaste. 

Beard Beer By Rogue Ales

If you’re having your doubts after reading the name of this beer, then don’t. You are most probably right. This beer is made from the yeast grown in master brewer John Maier’s beard. It was first started out as a joke about how Maier’s face could be the optimal place to grow yeast which then got the brewer thinking that there actually might be some good stuff hidden in there. After testing different beard hairs, they found out that they were actually right. This yeast gave their brew a pineapple, bready like flavour. 

Big Ass Money Stout By Evil Twin

Evil Twin has managed to make quite an amusing beer. Taking inspiration from the needs of a college student, they have managed to make a beer with frozen Hawaiian pizza and money (they use real Norwegian banknotes). This weird combination of pizza and money shockingly gives birth to rich coffee notes and high 20% alcohol.

Sheep Dung-Smoked Whale Testicle Beer By Stedji Brewery

Don’t even doubt your thoughts after you read the name of this beer. It is exactly what the name says. This Icelandic beer uses three testicles per tank and is meant to be relished along such uniformly suspect-sounding local delicacies as cured sheep head and rotten shark. In case you are wondering how it tastes like; like a porter with a little hint of caramel with almost meaty aftertaste.

These are just some of the weirdest beers out there. Even though they may not seem very engaging, they are pretty popular among the world of beer. These stark beers with names that might make one repel actually have a quirky taste that might even make someone their fan. We have been graced with absurd yet exciting concoctions over many years of brewing. Trying at least one of these could definitely be in my bucket list. The land of beers is very happening and in trend and they have been coming up with such types of beers for a long, long time that make a name in this world due to their “exotic” tastes in flavours. Would you ever try one of these outlandish beers? Or better yet, have you ever tried one of these? Also read: Ice Cream Cone Flavours That’ll Drive Anyone Nuts.

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