What Is Conscious Escapism, The Spiritual Cheat Day?

Spiritualism is a way chosen by renowned scholars as well as the common man for dealing with various aspects of life. It offers an answer to what troubles us most. Conscious spiritualism is what helps us differentiate between the mental and physical aspects of spiritualism and identify what is of no good. It is also the path that lets us take care of ourselves with our thoughts and actions. But with the taking over of our spiritual obsession arises the concern of escapism, and this is usually unconscious. But conscious escapism might be the answer we are looking for.

What Is Conscious Escapism, The Spiritual Cheat Day?

What if our soul craves a cheat day? There are things that we know help us. While spiritualism is rooted in acceptance, this can be difficult to achieve, owing to our very nature. As human beings living in a society, judgment is as natural to us as our second nature. Ever felt guilty about eating a pizza while on a diet? Ever felt guilty about gossiping a little while trying to be an ‘elevated’ human being?

Meditation, spiritual reading, nature indulgence and service are all ways of spiritualism, but it can sometimes be helpful to take a break and do things that we love.

Conscious Escapism vs Unconscious Escapism

What Is Conscious Escapism, The Spiritual Cheat Day?

The escape from the ordinary in the search for comfort in some other place can be either conscious or unconscious. Conscious escapism is when we take a break while still being aware. This kind of escape acknowledges emotions and then acts. Unconscious escapism is an instant reaction to discomfort and unpleasant feelings and lacks self awareness. While coping with a situation through unconscious escapism, there is no awareness, and we may give in to distractions without a second thought.

A way of self-love

What Is Conscious Escapism, The Spiritual Cheat Day?

Because the very concept of conscious escapism is based in acceptance of ourselves, it is one of the highest forms of compassion towards self. It encourages us to work deeper, to be mindful not only of our actions, but also of our feelings. Conscious escapism doesn’t ask us to check our thoughts, but only to be aware of them. Too tired to go for the weekly seva? Want to watch Netflix tonight instead of reading a spiritual text? To indulge is not to quit is the very crux of conscious escapism. A spiritual cheat day can be as gratifying for our souls as a pizza day is.

To put restrictions on our emotions or deprive ourselves of going far in one single direction can lead to anxiety, stress and guilt, and this is why, till we have reached the point where we can remain unbothered even in the face of distractions, a healthy escape can do wonders.

Attaining Conscious escapism

What Is Conscious Escapism, The Spiritual Cheat Day?

Control over our impulses and protecting our sanity helps us avoid the feeling that conscious escapism can be harmful. The conscious escapist’s way of getting rid of the impulse of an unwanted feeling is by finding a worthy substitute such as talking to a friend or family when something is bothering them. This will give us inner satisfaction, energy and control, instead of making us feel dull.

The mindful changes we bring through conscious escapism allow us to moderately step back in any situation and manage our actions without hampering ourselves. We can find ways to be happy rather than being dependent on one single route.

We can attain conscious escapism through healthy distractions, having meaningful conversations with friends or sometimes a good strong coffee. While helping us disconnect from everything for some time. These actions will also give us the much-needed break. But hey, if you need a glass of wine instead of matcha, spiritualism does not judge. 🙂

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