What Is The Meaning Of Each Passport Colour?

Everyone loves to travel the world, or to create an album with clicks from different countries, the most common one is to collect various currencies. In short, people love to do all sorts of things that give them the pleasure and memory of the numerous countries that they visit.

One of the very common such passions is to get that stamp collection on your passport which is not only cool to see but also gives that feeling of pure wanderlust. However, very few people tend to notice the different colours on these very passports.

What Is The Meaning Of Each Passport Colour?

Yes! Are you noticing or listening to it for the first time? Well, not to worry because you are not alone. But now that this has come to our notice, let’s dig deeper into what it’s all about. 

Passports have different colours, and no, they are not just for decoration or to show your preference for colours, they are of a particular colour because each colour carries a meaning behind it. Here are some of the most common colours that you will see around the world and this is what each of them means.

Black passport

What Is The Meaning Of Each Passport Colour?

The reasons to use black color for a passport are many, from being a color that gives a formal look to being the color representing history, basically, it differs from country to country. In countries like New Zealand, Botswana, and Zambia, black is the official color of the state due to which these countries prefer their passports in the signature black color. In countries like Tajikistan, Palestine, and other African countries like Angola, Congo, and Malawi, having a passport of black colour is associated with the role and importance of this colour in their history and culture. Other than the obvious fact about the colour black looking a bit more formal and a hard one to get dirty, some of them prefer black colour for the diplomatic passports.

Blue Passport

What Is The Meaning Of Each Passport Colour?

Passports with shades of blue colour are mostly seen in American countries. The colour blue represents the ‘New World’, hence, the blue colour of the passport. Other member countries for the blue passports are the 15 Caribbean countries and dependencies which include Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil. Also in 1976, the passports of US citizens were changed to blue.

Red passport

What Is The Meaning Of Each Passport Colour?

Passports with shades of red like the deep reddish or maroon can mostly be found for the European countries or countries that are part of the European Union or want to join it like Turkey, Macedonia, and Albania. it is also preferred by the countries that were or are associated with the communist system. the citizens of Russian, China, Slovenia, Latvia, Poland, Georgia, Serbia, and Romania have red passports. Other than these the Andean Community of nations like Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru also have burgundy passports.

Green Passport

What Is The Meaning Of Each Passport Colour?
Wikimedia commons/Mike35741

Green passport is mostly seen for the Islamic countries, some associate it with religious causes while it is also said that the colour green represents nature which was the favourite colour of Prophet Mohammad. other countries with travel documents with the shades of green are Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Niger, The Ivory Coast, and Senegal, where the colour is an indication to these countries belonging to the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

These were basic colours that are preferred for a passport by various countries, either these or the shades of these colours. We know you are today-year-old to know the difference and meaning of these colours, for some it might be the first time noticing the colour differentiation but that was the worry of past since you are now definitely aware of what meaning do these colours for passport holds and can flex about it, thank us later for giving you a new topic to tell your friends and again be the smart one in the group!

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