What’s The Buzz Around ‘Among Us’

The already popular game ‘Among Us’ has been making streamers get angry, loud and even hilarious online. The game is a budget experience that comes at just 4.99 USD on Steam. One of the great benefits of the game is that it is more impressive than its competitors that have gradually reached to the top list on Twitch. Among Us doesn’t give you flashy appeals like that of Warzone, or the chaotic nature offered by Fall Guys, however, it has ranked with an overwhelming number of viewers over the last few months. The game that channels a good old-fashioned and intriguing murder mystery, isn’t worth dropping in to watch a match.

The Gameplay

The premise of the game is really simple, where ten players are dropped onto a spaceship and tasked to complete mundane goals. The tasks that players have in the game is truly the most difficult ones to get through, which include swiping a keycard, to connecting a few brightly coloured wires. A couple of players are ‘hoax’ who are determined to sabotage the entire operation by eliminating other teammates. These ‘hoax’ players mix with the rest of the teammates by pretending to be doing similar tasks, but they have extraordinary abilities that let them scamper through vents and create diversions to slow down the tasks by the teammates.

What's The Buzz Around 'Among Us'

On discovering a dead body, all the teammates assemble to discuss any suspicious behaviour they’ve witnessed over the last few minutes of the gameplay. This meeting will enable them to vote out suspected ‘imposters’, and reducing the team to a dangerously small group, that puts them at even more risk to the remaining assassins. The possibility for winning the game will be now based on ‘imposters’ getting their job done of the teammates ejecting them without letting a chance. The crew has even the possibility of winning by filling the quota for all the tasks. The focus on the players is one of the key factors that make ‘Among Us’ much popular as a game that is not only fun to play with friends but also entertaining to watch. There will be some exciting firework in the game, especially if you’re playing with a group of big game enthusiasts.

What makes the game popular

The game takes you to the edge of the seat, as team-mates start to sweat about getting found out or become frustrated at the chances for losing. The game is a casual murder-mystery on over and over again that is quite exciting to see some of the most popular streamers joins together to play, squabble and defraud one another. In this game, you are most likely rooting for your favourite streamer, so you would be looking on as they tear the crew apart or both of you are in the dark.

What's The Buzz Around 'Among Us' - Among Us

Expert streamers of the game will exactly know how to engage their viewers in the process, will let the risk of cheating. They frankly express their suspicions through the chat. That or play up their destructive role of imposters taking off other players. It only requires a few clicks to find out who the ‘imposters’ are in each game, as you would think there would be complications as most of the gameplay is likely streaming. The rules of the ‘Among Us’ game has a lot of respect, though Twitch chat is also as invested as the streamers. While having to conduct the meetings on Discord, it is less likely that players hear a deceased teammate call out who killed them. Players usually lie low in the meeting, to listen to argues by the rest of the team-mates and continue to complete the task by floating around the spaceship. There is the odd rage quit in the game, but for the most part, the whole crew is devoted to playing properly.

What's The Buzz Around 'Among Us'

Though ‘Among Us’ recently witnessed an upsurge on Twitch it is not exactly a new game, but have been launched in 2018 by American game studio InnerSloth. Soon as the game got a small following, social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit were crowded with countless memes freely advertised the game. The game has now unexpectedly blown and most of the people internet seems to know about it. Acclaimed streamers and YouTubers like Shroud, Pewdiepie, Ninja and Pokimane, have been trying their hand on this world favourite game which has resulted in epic collaborations so far.

‘Among Us’ is set in a fun space-themed environment, in which streamer takes on the role as a ‘Crewmate’ or an ‘Imposter’. The online multiplayer party game has gained much popularity in Twitch Gaming and YouTube Gaming. It takes the players for a deceitful ride of deception through a series of events that challenges the friendships, loyalties and convincing skills. The game is available on Microsoft Windows, Android and iOS.

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