When In Vegas, Visit The Omega Mart

Okay, hear us out. There are ‘n’ number of reasons why we all love Las Vegas, right? The party, the fun, casinos, craziness, everything is just over the top in Vegas. And that’s why we love saving up so that we can spend it all in this dreamland! But Vegas outdid itself with this one! Believe us or not, but there is a place called Omega Mart in Las Vegas that can show something different. And by different, we mean that this place can make you feel high, even when you are not!

Yes, let that sink in. Because this one is going to be a bit different than the rest of your destinations!

So, what is Omega Mart?

When In Vegas, Visit The Omega Mart
via https://www.omegamart.com/

Omega Mart is actually a permanent art exhibition. The installation is in AREA 51 in Las Vegas. And is the second permanent art exhibition by Meow Wolf. Meow Wolf is a company that surely knows how to capture people through the medium of art. It is also popular for its art installation in Santa Fe, with the name House of Eternal Return. This immersive art experience seems like a regular grocery store at first, but will soon show you things that can be seen in no other regular store in the world. The exhibit is a combination of works by 300 international and local artists, so the options to be entertained and amazed at will be endless; let’s not forget the unique experience that you will get. The best part is that there are no time limits, so you can enjoy the place as much as you want. Map every corner and experience every art piece. However, make sure to enter with a lot of time on your watch, because there is no re-entry with the same ticket, and the store will at least require two hours and so. 

Cut to the chase, why is this place so special?

The Omega Mart is one-of-a-kind because of the fact that this ‘supermarket’ uncovers a narrative. There are hundreds of hours of videos and performing artists posing as workers. Immerse yourself in this experience completely and you get to discover the stories behind every product. These ‘trippy’ products are for sale, even though they’re ‘fake’. 

Who Told You This Was Butter? (Do Not Eat!)

When In Vegas, Visit The Omega Mart
via https://www.omegamart.com/

Um, Vegan Goat Pus

When In Vegas, Visit The Omega Mart
via https://www.omegamart.com/

Whale Song Deodrant

When In Vegas, Visit The Omega Mart
via https://www.omegamart.com/

Nut-Free Salted Peanuts

When In Vegas, Visit The Omega Mart
via https://www.omegamart.com/

Sweet Whispers Toilet Paper

When In Vegas, Visit The Omega Mart
via https://www.omegamart.com/

Tattoo Chicken

When In Vegas, Visit The Omega Mart
via https://www.omegamart.com/

Dozitos Moon Ranch Calming Nighttime Chips

via https://mollyaugustin.com/

5G Chapstick

via https://www.omegamart.com/

and so much more.

The Mart spans over an area of 52,000 sq. feet – ten grocery stores would fit in the area and leave space for dozens more – and is an interactive world from our childhood dreams. 

Oh, one more thing

Omega Mart has portkeys to other worlds. 

Yes, think of the most amusing amusement-park you can ever come across. When you’re here, you will find yourself in different worlds. Playgrounds, swings, in a movie, through the looking glass. Omega Mart has something for the child in all of us!

The place actually offers you a clue. Now, hear it well, because this is getting more interesting. The place offers you a story-based adventure. The adventure is completed with the help of clues. So yeah, it’s basically a mini adventure in an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ like-place! Also, you can only be prepared in general to visit this place. Because the actual art installations will surely leave you with some unexpected thrills. After all, if they can even ace their advertisements, then the end service is bound to be amazing, correct?

So, now that you know a place like this exists, when are you planning to pay a visit? Or have you already booked your tickets?

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