Which Character Would You Be In ‘K-On!’?

For several years K-On! fans had a hard time (some still do) comparing other bands from the kawaii and energetic Hokago Tea Time. Out of all the adorable characters of K-On! there must be one that you relate to with your own soul. Take this personality quiz to know what character would you play in your wholesome comfort anime.

  1. 1 Do you get embarrassed easily?

    1. Sometimes
    2. Always
    3. Never
    4. Depends
    5. I am the one who is embarrassing others
  2. 2 You and your friends enter a haunted house. Which friend are you?

    1. Scaredy Cat
    2. Scares others by making scary noises
    3. Clueless the whole time
    4. Comforts the others
    5. Scolds the others for being clumsy
  3. 3 How well did you score in your last test?

    1. Great!
    2. I'd rather not say
    3. Pretty Good
    4. I had to retake it
    5. As expected
  4. 4 Choose an animal

    1. Pig
    2. Horse
    3. Chicken
    4. Dog
    5. Cat
  5. 5 You have to stay over at school the night before your performance. What do you do?

    1. Sleep
    2. Practice and make others practice
    3. Roam around the school
    4. Eat lots of snacks
    5. Pillow fight with friends
  6. 6 What makes you a good friend?

    1. You always cheer others up
    2. You are very reliable
    3. You are the funny one
    4. People come to you for advice
    5. You just exist and be yourself
  7. 7 What is your favourite music genre?

    1. Jazz
    2. Rock
    3. Classical
    4. Pop
    5. Death Metal
  8. 8 Which of these song titles appeal to you?

    1. Honey Sweet Tea Time
    2. Fluffy Fluffy Time
    3. Rice as a side dish
    4. Go! Go! Maniac
    5. Fountain Pen Ball Pen
  9. 9 What is your favourite tea time snack?

    1. Strawberry Cake
    2. Marble Cake
    3. Cream puff
    4. Cookies
    5. Donut
  10. 10 Lastly, what instrument would you like to play in a band?

    1. Drums
    2. Keyboard
    3. Bass Guitar
    4. Lead Guitar
    5. Second lead Guitar

Which Character Would You Be In 'K-On!'?

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  1. Quiz result

    Yui Hirasawa

    You are the cheerful and optimistic Yui Hirasawa. You might appear clumsy but you are secretly good at everything. You are always by your friends and help them with your sweet nature and positive vibe. You are lazy sometimes but always get your work done even at the last moment.

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  2. Quiz result

    Mio Akiyama

    You are the smartest yet the most shy Mio Akiyama. You get embarassed easily and are scared of social interactions. Despite this fact you are really popular because of your natural charm. You appear stern but are a real softie at heart and love your friends.

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  3. Quiz result

    Ritsu Tainaka

    You are the bubbly and extremely energetic Ritsu Tainaka. You always bring out the best in your friend group, even while remaining in the shadows. You are the best in cheering up others in your friend group. You are really passionate and give your best in your choice of art. You can be forgetful and irresponsible at times but see to it that none of those around you are affected.

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  4. Quiz result

    Kotobuki Tsumugi

    You are the honey sweet Kotobuki Tsumugi. Like Mugi Chan you always like being the hostess and taking care of your friends. You are surprisingly strong and take up unknown challenges. You are really classy but also like to explore quirkiness.

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  5. Quiz result

    Azusa Nakano

    You are the dedicated and hardworking Azusa Nakano. Azusa Chan or Azunyan is known to make her seniors practice more and so you must be a great hustler. You do not like slacking but secretly enjoy teatime.  You have great taste and are really passionate. You like to see the best in everyone.

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  6. Quiz result

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