Living In Paradise: Pros And Cons Of Living On An Island!

Are you someone who loves to live alone? And by alone, we don’t mean staying in the room alone all day. What we mean here is literally living in the isolation in the best way possible. Or, let’s say, living on an island, to be specific. So, are you someone who has thought about it a lot? Of course, there is nothing wrong with it. In fact, keeping in mind the recent increasing stupidity in society, living on an island with as few as possible people is quite a great idea. However, being very practical, you cannot expect the ride to go entirely smooth. After all, everything has its own pros and cons, correct? So in case, you were not aware of them, let us tell you a few pros and cons of living on an island.

Island Living: Pros And Cons Of Living In A Paradise!

So, what are the pros?

Of course, let’s start with a brighter note. 

The People

Living on an island means having a community of like-minded people who are also looking for a unique opportunity like this. It becomes more like a family when you have limited people around you to celebrate every season and festival. Getting to know such people is always a pro. 

The View

How can an oceanic view ever be a con, correct? Living on an island with fewer people surely means a lot of walks on empty and clean beaches. Not to forget that view that you get 24/7. The bright colours of the ocean and the greenery near the beach are always a blessing that can never disappoint anyone.

Island Living: Pros And Cons Of Living In A Paradise!

The Traffic

Definitely, this will be the least of your concerns. Living on an island is something that will show you how life is lived without being stuck in traffic from time to time. The roads and stores are less crowded, and everyone knows everyone. It obviously makes every trip to the outside a nice meet and greets session. 

Seasons And Christmas

Festivals are something that you will surely enjoy living on an island. First of all, it’s like celebrating something with a very big and happy family. People keep each other in company, and even a simple barbecue party can be a wholesome gathering.

Seems like a nice way to live, correct? Well, not so soon. Every coin has two sides, remember? So let’s take a look at a few cons as well.

Island Living: Pros And Cons Of Living In A Paradise!

And, what are the cons here?

Well, to be honest, more than you thought.

Basic necessities

Let’s start with the most obvious ones. Of course, living on an island is all about peace and stuff. But you need to learn a few things about adjusting. Especially when it comes to some necessities. Since everything is transported on an island, getting everything on the tip of your finger can be a task at times. Plus, the waiting session for something in need can be a bit tiresome many times.

Humidity And Heat

Well, yes, the views are all great. But you simply cannot deny that an island faces a different type of heat and humidity altogether. And to live in that kind of the weather all the time can be a bit annoying at times. Not to forget the constant urge of seeing some snow, correct?

people on beach


Yes, the gatherings are wholesome. But your Christmas might look a bit dull. After all, a Christmas without winter does not feel like Christmas at all. It does not mean that you won’t enjoy it. But something surely feels missing.

The Beach

Yes, we know you think this one sounds more like a blessing. But if you imagine living on a beach all your life, we are sure the thought will bore you at one point. To have sand all over and around your house is not always a happening thought. The fact that it’s just sand and nothing else can also hit the other way round.

So, now that you know about both, the cons and the pros, what will you do if given a chance to live on an island? We are sure the thought is tempting but actually executing the plan needs more than just wanting to run on a beach, correct?

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