Why Am I Offended When People Compare My Love For Anime With Watching Cartoons?

Annoying others is pretty easy. Just do or say things that they hate and tada! They are annoyed. However, when that annoyance is based on half knowledge and no regard towards the likes of others, it becomes disrespectful. There is this fine line between having fun and turning that fun into disregard. And this disregard is often common with people who have absolutely no knowledge or interest in anime. However, they feel that it is absolutely fine to go ahead and make fun of people who love to watch anime. Yes, it is offensive when people compare anime with cartoons. What I feel at that moment is simple anger, and I’m sure the same goes with the entire anime community. Not that cartoon is bad or something, but it’s just different. They are not the same, and the comparison does nothing but demeans both the animation styles and culture.

Why Am I Offended When People Compare My Love For Anime With Watching Cartoons?

So why do I get offended?

Well, you see, the first thing for you to understand here is that not every animation is just a cartoon. Once you understand that, the rest of the explanation becomes a lot simpler. In no way, shape, or form is the cartoon similar to the anime. Anime is a Japanese-style animation that became popular in the 1960s. Unlike the common cartoon, the stories and characters of anime are far more different. The plot of anime is often on a serious side. Emotions and life issues take the central role in an anime story, regardless, the genre. Cartoons, on the other side, move at a lighter pace. In fact, many cartoons are aimed at children. However, it of course, does not include the ones like Family Guy, Rick and Morty, and many more that are aimed at the adults. When it comes to animation, each type holds its own value. Like, you cannot compare movies like Cars or Frozen with shows like Micky Mouse Clubhouse. Of course, both are animations, but the story style, the take on various issues, and the targeted audience are different. Each holds a value of its own. Hence, there is no comparison. The same goes for anime as well.

Why Am I Offended When People Compare My Love For Anime With Watching Cartoons?

The basic difference that stands out the most!

There are many reasons why anime and cartoons are not the same. But the most basic ones have to be the content and animation style. First of all, the animation style is nowhere near to how a cartoon character is created. A cartoon is far from how a human body looks. Anime, on the other hand, involves an animation style that creates characters that are similar to an actual human body. In fact, many of the parts of a character are exaggerated in a manner that automatically comes under fan service. It brings us to the other reason, the target audience. The target audience of an anime is mostly adults. There are a few anime for kids as well. But mostly, the content is mature and sexualised in many anime. Anime covers a vast category of the genre. Some, in fact, are highly violent, while others are serious with traumatic plots. These basic differences make an obvious difference between an anime and a cartoon. 

So, next time before you decide to tease a friend by comparing two very different things, keep in mind that it’s you who are coming across as someone with no knowledge. And definitely not funny.

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