Why Are ‘Nipple Injections’ Catching On As A Fashion Trend?

While many women go to great lengths to conceal their nipples, some are electing to expand them using a new cosmetic technique that involves nipple injections. The practice, dubbed “designer nipples,” first surfaced last year when the New York Post published a video of a 28-year-old patient having nipple injections from her plastic surgeon. The therapy has reportedly been available for years, but it is gaining popularity as more women embrace the braless appearance and join the ‘Free the Nipple’ campaign.

The woman tells New York City plastic surgeon Norman Rowe, MD, in the video that she wants to appear like Kendall Jenner. “I appreciate that she doesn’t wear a bra,” she adds in the video. “You can’t see her nipples, but you can see how pointy she is.” “I believe it has a really sensual and feminine feel about it.” She also complains that her nipples never harden, which is why she chose to undergo the procedure.

Why Are ‘Nipple Injections’ Catching On As A Fashion Trend?

Nipple injections are injections of a gel-like filler into your nipple. It’s often done to make your nipples more pointed and perky. Color may be added in a similar manner.

A medical expert will inject hyaluronic acid into or around your nipple during the operation. Hyaluronic acid is a gel-like substance found naturally in the body. The filler adds volume to your nipple, emphasizing its form.

Following breast reconstruction surgery, patients may have nipple injections to enhance nipple projection. Although breast reconstruction might flatten the nipple, injectable fillers can make it appear more natural and pointier.

Others receive the injection to make their nipples more noticeable through their clothes. This is frequently performed on tiny or inverted nipples.

Your operation will be carried out in a medical office. In general, the method entails the following steps: To avoid infection, a medical practitioner will use rubbing alcohol to disinfect your skin. They produce a hyaluronic acid-containing syringe. To aid with pain relief, the gel may contain numbing medicine.

The filler is then injected into your nipple or the skin around it. As they inject the filler, they gently remove the needle. They repeat this procedure on the opposite side of the nipple, then gently massage the skin to disperse the filler.

They go over the operation again on the second nipple.

In most situations, increased nipple projection may be accomplished with a cosmetic filler injection, similar to Botox or lip injections. Most doctors utilize hyaluronic acid fillers because they’re soft and squishy and perform the job very beautifully. Juvaderm Voluma is a preferred filler for nipple injections because it delivers the longest-lasting results: nipples stay firm and perky for roughly two years, with no need for cold weather.

She points out that there isn’t a lot of data on fillers injected into the nipple, making it uncertain if it’s safe to utilize this material in such a sensitive location. Of course, there are some obvious drawbacks: It can be very painful and increases the risk of infection.

It’s also difficult to predict how obtaining designer nipples may affect your nips in the future. There’s a risk it’ll affect your ability to breastfeed, especially if your nipples become inflamed or infected as a result of the procedure.

However, there is a significant cost connected with these sorts of nipple perk-ups: Dr. Rowe charges his patients up to $700 for fillers.

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