Why Buying PS5 Became A Next To Impossible Task

PlayStation is one of the highest selling gaming console ever. Sony released its first PlayStation in 1995. The PlayStation instantly became a worldwide hit. The company sold more than 2 million consoles in just a year. The console had great games and more were releasing. Third party companies started developing games for the PlayStation as it was CD based console. Games like Resident Evil, Tomb Raider and Metal Gear Solid made sure that the demands were never ending.

In 2000 the company released its next console the PlayStation 2. This had great improvements. The games launched for the PlayStation 2 were very futuristic for that time.

After this the company never stopped. Sony kept releasing successful and innovative products like PlayStation Slim, PlayStation Pocket, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita etc. Gradually the company became the most prominent name in the video games industry.

Why Buying PS5 Became A Next To Impossible Task?

But, PS5 has a different story. Last year was quite a challenge for everyone. Each of us were locked at homes. Though initially people lived with enthusiasm, gradually that fell. This made people to look for options to entertain themselves and keep them busy. The most popular options were OTT platforms and video games. 

Sony was teasing gamers from a long time about the launch of PS5. A lot of hype was created for the PlayStation.

Why Buying PS5 Became A Next To Impossible Task?

The company ran ad campaigns and everyone was just speculating about the product. Other factor which added great intensity in demands were the games. Games like Borderland 3, Cyberpunk 2077, Gotham knights and Spiderman: Miles Morales made gamers go crazy about the console.

Why Buying PS5 Became A Next To Impossible Task?

Sony finally confirmed the release of the console. The console went for sale last year in November but it lasted less than seconds on the shopping sites. Gamers even reported never actually seeing the console go live on sale and it just flashed “out of stock”. Nobody bothered much this time because everyone anticipated about the demand. But the game never actually restocked, and every time the sale went live same thing happened.

Resellers made huge profit out of this and even sold the console at crazy price of about 2000 USD.

Why Buying PS5 Became A Next To Impossible Task?

So, how did these consoles vanish?

The answer is scalping. There are retail scalpers who buy high demand products in huge quantities and resell it at unethical prices. But since everything has advanced in the 21st century the criminals have too.  Originally the scalpers used to buy the concert tickets and exclusive or limit edition items like shoes. But now they use what you call Retail Bots to buy anything to make profits.

Scalpers even bought the essential goods and toilet papers during the pandemic and sold it for higher prices.

Why Buying PS5 Became A Next To Impossible Task?

You might be wondering how does these retail bots works.

It’s pretty simple actually. They either notify the scalper when the sale goes live. So, scalper has an edge over us. But the worse bots are who buy the product themselves.

Other major reasons were the effect of pandemic over the demand and supply chain. The manufacturing and raw material supply was heavily effected due to the pandemic. Especially the manufacturing of semiconductor devices which are the main components in consoles was heavily affected.

Why Buying PS5 Became A Next To Impossible Task?

So, conclusively we can say that huge demand, disturbed production and shady bots are the reason your console is not in your hand.

But, let me end with a good new. By the end of 2021 everyone will have a console for themselves. Moreover, the consoles made in the 2nd round of production are usually better and mostly free from any defects.

 So best of luck with your gaming.

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