Why Travel To Greece? Here’s Why!

Close your eyes and think about Greece. What did you see? Azure blue, turquoise and white? The serene beauty of Greece is only one of the millions of reasons everyone must visit the country of Gods. Bombarded with natural beauty, exceptional cuisine, awe-inspiring civilization and humbled heartwarming, infamous Greek hospitality, the country is always ready with a long list of pristine arguments in its favor. If you’re still wondering why travel to Greece?, we are here with the answer. By the time you’re done mapping through our reasons to visit Greece, you’ll already be booking a ticket. 

When you’re in Greece, you travel through time 

Why Travel To Greece? Here's Why!
Delphi temple of Apollo, via Wikimedia Commons/Skyring

When you’re in Greece, you come face to face with the past. Watching the ruins of the many wars that shattered the country and built it, the birthplaces of Gods and Goddesses, the temples that Kings and Queens relied on, the theater of Epidaurus, the Parthenon, the Aegean, the ancient Olympic fields at Olympia – is like time travel. For some readings, you can also visit the infamous Oracle of Delphi that finds mention in the world of Sophocles and Euripides. 18 of Greece’s historical sites come under the UNESCO World Heritage list – a mere testimony to the vast history spanned through the country. 

Greek’s civilisation rests in its pulsing nightlife

Why Travel To Greece? Here's Why!
via Wikimedia Commons/Jean Beaufort

Age is not, and never has been a barrier when you’re in Greece. Greek nights always turn out to be nights to remember – the country hardly sleeps. From cosmopolitan cities to party islands, you can enjoy a slice of this throbbing nightlife wherever you are in the country. When you’re out at night, enjoy a local feast called the panegyri to get every penny’s worth. So if you’re thinking, why travel to Greece if I’m not a history buff?, let this be your answer. 

The unending Greek coastline

Why Travel To Greece? Here's Why!
via Wikimedia Commons/dronepicr

Greece has the longest coastline in the Mediterranean sea basin, which means that the number of beaches you can go to is practically uncountable. Well, almost. Whether you love sandy beaches or beaches full of rocks and pebbles, whether you love crowded beaches or ones that are isolated – there will always be a few beaches that will cater to your preferences. The dazzling turquoise water and hot sand under your feet ground you and free you all at once. 

Greek islands are heaven on earth 

Why Travel To Greece? Here's Why!

The moment you step on a Greek island is the moment you enter heaven on earth. It’s not unknown that Greece is visited primarily for its islands. Even though these islands are not too far apart, the climate on each varies to the degree that you might feel you stepped into another country. The crystal clear waters surrounding the islands, the white, unscathed sand and the constant gentle murmur lulls you to a detox. But staying on a single Greek island is neither customary nor necessarily – island hopping is an activity enjoyed by tourists and locals alike – every island offering its own choice of spirit and cuisine. 

The heartwarming hospitality

If anything, Greece is popular for its humble hospitality. Strangers are no strangers, everyone you look at is a friend. The infamous and memorable Greek hospitality pushes you to experience a world without barriers – when you meet a local, you might get invited to their house for a cup of coffee or a drink, the staff of your hotel and restaurant works painstakingly to make sure you are offered the best possible experience, and the cosmopolitan culture of Greek cities befriends you with people who become your lifetime friends. 

The unbelievable food and drinks 

Now comes the real deal. We all have, on occasion, wanted to follow the popular Mediterranean diet. Loved primarily for its use of olives and olive oil, Greek cuisine is as pleasing to the tongue as it is to the gut. Find variations of pasta and vegetarian salads, exquisite meats and a delectable cheese plate, sweet dessert and tipsy spirits when you are in Greece. Many Greek islands produce their own speciality liquor: Kitron of Naxos, Mastika of Chios, Tantura of Patras and Assyrtiko of Santorini are only some of the prominent names. Make sure that you visit local taverns and small or middle-size restaurants to enjoy the most authentic Greek cuisine. 

Greece is the God of climate 

Why Travel To Greece? Here's Why!

Can you truly appreciate the weather? The typical Mediterranean climate of Greece soothes the body; for lovers of the sun, Greece is a God. The winters in Greece won’t freeze you, although it does occasionally snow in some parts. The summers can be scorching if you aren’t used to the heat, but the tan is mesmerizing. Eighty percent of Greece is mountainous, so you can expect the lush country to always remain pleasant. You can also expect frequent rainbows, thanks to the consistent soft showers and the presence of the sun.

That’s not all. Even though past political and economic unrest might make you think otherwise, Greece still remains one of the safest countries you can travel to. Whether you’re traveling solo, with friends, a partner or with your family, this country will cater to your travel needs and your wanderlust! So, stop wondering why travel to Greece?, and start looking for tickets!

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