Will You Survive A Horror Movie?

People with a dark sense of humor have a strong predilection for horror films, yet there are some of us who can’t sleep if they watch even one horror film. Most of us perceive danger approaching a character in a film and warn them to be cautious, but do you believe you could survive a horror film? Take this quiz to find out!

  1. 1 You hear a strange sound outside. What do you do?

    1. Check it out
    2. Ask your neighbour to check it out
    3. Ignore it
    4. Laugh it off
  2. 2 You're all alone at home in the shower, suddenly you hear the toilet flush. You...

    1. Stay in and think it's just your imagination!
    2. Get out and check!
    3. Take a peek and if you see someone or something, you grab a sharp object, hit them with it, and then run!
    4. Laugh it off
  3. 3 You're home alone and you here a noise in the room next to you, what do you do?

    1. Lock the door and call the cops
    2. Go investigate. It's probably just the cat... right?
    3. Run to the front door
    4. Ignore it, You're too lazy
  4. 4 The phone rings. You answer it, but there's only ominious breathing on the other line. What do you say?

    1. "Very funny. Stop prank calling me, or I'm calling the police."
    2. "Listen. This isn't very funny. I've got a gun, and I'm not afraid to use it."
    3. "Nope. I've seen this in the movies way too many times."
    4. I hang up immediately and call the police
  5. 5 One night you're driving all alone in your car and while passing by an old church you look back and realize there is a little girl that reminds you of someone you hated as a child! You...

    1. Drive your car into the ocean hoping she'll go away!
    2. Get out and run to the nearest house whose owner is your friend!
    3. You get out and run to the haunted church and pray to god!
    4. Ignore it. You probably imagined it.
  6. 6 Someone is chasing you. What do you do?

    1. Trip over my own feet then try to crawl away
    2. Run away and don't look back
    3. Make sure all my friends get away too
    4. Start praying to god
  7. 7 You and your friends find a ouiji board in your attic. What do you do?

    1. Convince your friends to play it
    2. Watch your friends play, but you don't go anywhere near it
    3. Just leave it where it is and don't touch it
    4. Burn it
  8. 8 You're with how many people in a haunted house?

    1. 1-4
    2. 5-8
    3. A huge crowd!
    4. No one!
  9. 9 Your friend is injured. What do you do?

    1. Drag them away slowly
    2. Leave them there and try to bring back help
    3. Stay there and comfort them
    4. Leave them there to die
  10. 10 you're in the woods. You suddenly hear crunching noises nearby, what do you do?

    1. Start running
    2. Nothing, it's probably just a squirrel or something
    3. Walk towards the crunching noises
    4. Start praying

Will You Survive A Horror Movie?

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  1. Quiz result

    You Don't Survive the film

    The ghost got you! Your horror movie skills are weak. No one probably got out alive anyway. Hopefully, the next time, you take this quiz you will get out alive. 

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  2. Quiz result

    You survive the film!

    You know how to battle and have the intelligence to outwit some of the toughest and meanest animals ever! You almost didn't make it but you're a horror movie genius and YOU GOT OUT ALIVE. We can't promise the future tho...

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