What’s Your Backpacking Score?

Hopping across cities, countries and continents will let you meet people you can’t imagine meeting in day to day life. From questionably weird travellers to gurus, backpacking has introduced us to a delightful spectrum of residents of the world. Every single backpacking trip is bound to offer you a new experience and change you for the better. And it undeniably leaves you wiser – one step closer to a seasoned backpacker.

But how good are you with backpacking? Have you ever wondered what your backpacking quotient is? We are here to reveal your backpacking score; all you have to do is answer the questions below and find out!

  1. 1 What is the ye one thing you always have in your backpack?

    1. A Yoga Mat
    2. Stove
    3. A huge water bottle
  2. 2 What is the size of your backpack?

    1. 10L-12L
    2. 15L-18L
    3. 20L+
  3. 3 Food supplies that you take with you on your backpacking adventures?

    1. A pack or two of RTE noodles; I forage during my trips
    2. Up to 7 packs of RTE food
    3. 8-10 packs of RTE food and some snacks and chocolates
  4. 4 You take with you...

    1. A sleeping bag, that's it
    2. A neck pillow and a sleeping bag
    3. An air mattress and a pillow
  5. 5 How much money do you take with you on your backpacking trips?

    1. $100 or equivalent
    2. $150 or equivalent, and my credit/debit card
    3. Up to $200 or equivalent
  6. 6 What's your accomodation of choice when you are planning your trip?

    1. Hotels
    2. Motels or communes
    3. I usually don't plan it beforehand, but during my trip i stay in dorms or churches
  7. 7 Let's say you are packing for a 14-day backpacking and hitchhiking adventure. How many shirts do you have in your backpack?

    1. Around 7
    2. Up to 3
    3. 5
  8. 8 How many backpacking adventures have you had so far?

    1. 8+
    2. 1-4
    3. 5 to 8

What's Your Backpacking Score?

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  1. Quiz result

    You are a Seasoned Backpacker!

    Ah, sweet backpacking. You have known this life for some time now, and are in passionate love with it. The spontaneity is one reason; the thrill, another. Over the course of time you have learnt what you should take with you, what to leave behind, where to stay and who to connect with। You are the backpacking guru, aka the Seasoned Backpacker!

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  2. Quiz result

    You're a Beautiful Beginner Backpacker!

    Clueless, but not quite. The beauty of backpacking is that you only learn when you're on your trip. And the beauty of learning is that it is constant. It looks like you don't have many backpacking experiences to share, but that's okay. You're a beginner backpacker, and there is joy embedded in the phase when we are still figuring things out Keep at it!

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  3. Quiz result

    You are an Evolving Backpacker!

    There is always as much to look forward to as there is to look back in nostalgia. You take what you need, backpackers, from all the backpacking adventures you've had till now. Each experience has given you something, taught you a lesson you now carry with you. And this will continue – as all good things do. From a beginner you have now evolved, and are on your sweet way to becoming a seasoned backpacker!

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