We Know About Human And Animal Influencers, But Virtual Influencers?

The social media platform is a pretty huge platform, I mean, there is no doubt about the fact that if this was to be in real existing terms with the geography of its own, social media would surely have been a much larger planet, even greater than the Earth!

 I know it’s a bit of exaggeration but it still provides a pretty good idea about what I’m trying to convey. Social media is a huge platform with an engagement of billions and one of the elements that heavily contribute to this platform is the influencers.

We have almost every kind of influencer, from humans to animals, but have you come across robot or virtual influencers! Well, if you haven’t, then you must be living under a rock because these robot or virtual influencers and their earnings through these social media platforms speak volumes about the popularity that they have already gained! Anyhow, in case, if you still are not familiar with them, allow us to introduce you to the top 5 robot or virtual influencers that you should know about!

Lil Miquela

You Know About the Human And Animal Influencers, But Virtual Influencers?

This name is quite famous on Instagram, with a pretty heavy following, Lil Miquela was a character that was created by Trevor McFedries. It is among us since 2016! Yeah, that early, and still many of us were not aware of it. Anyways, so Miquela is a strong marketing tool with heavy presents on the social media platform Instagram, its account is primarily focused on using it as a CGI model that has worked for brands like Calvin Klein and Prada! It is mostly featured with street-wear products and the thing that goes without saying is that it is making a lot of money! I mean, the clients themselves speak about the kind of money she is dealing with, right?


You Know About the Human And Animal Influencers, But Virtual Influencers?

Just like the name, this cartoony, 19 years old, insta sensation is unique as well! She is between us from 2018 and is created by Joerg Zuber with a wonderful and admirable intent. The cartoony is a fashion model on Instagram that has represented a lot of fashion brands but the thing that stands out the most is that this virtually made social media influencer is far more concerned about the environment than many humans! She does not wear fur, is vegan, and promotes sustainable fashion! Originally from Munich, Germany, she is one of the most famous virtual social media influencers that you should search up once!

Imma Gram

You Know About the Human And Animal Influencers, But Virtual Influencers?

This unique combo of a smoothly created CGI head and the real-life human body and background is taking the influencer trend to a next level. Imma, a beautifully made CGI fashion model, was created by some of the best talented graphic designers. She is from Japan and is interested in Japanese culture and films according to her Instagram bio. She, of course, has a huge following and the fact that her extremely realistic face is designed by female engineers is a reason worth cheering for this virtual influencer! Japan is truly a country one should definitely visit once in life!


You Know About the Human And Animal Influencers, But Virtual Influencers?

And she truly is a total bae! This robot influencer is from LA and guesses who created her? Yes, Trevor McFedries, once again is in the light of creating another successful robotic influencer! This one, though, is an aspiring musician who has a clear goal and much beautiful message for the girls where she wants to inspire and encourage them to pursue a career in robotics! She also is extremely supportive towards the young people who have a dream in their eyes to start a business of their own. Trevor along with Sara DeCou is behind the creation of this perfect robot influencer that needs to gain more encouragement!


You Know About the Human And Animal Influencers, But Virtual Influencers?

Blawko or Ronald F. Blawko is a robot influencer who is pretty famous on the social media platform Instagram. At this point, if I play a guessing game about the creator, you will probably ace it because yes, it’s Trevor again with Sara who has created this robot influencer as a project of Brud, due to which Blawko also has a tattoo of Brud! Blawko is a self-proclaimed low-life identified as a robot man who absolutely loves his virtual friends that we introduced above. Well, we know the whole group now. Blawko is from LA and has strong presents on the social media platform since 2017!

It’s hard to believe sometimes that our technology has come this far where we are fangirling over a few virtual influencers, but then they are created so perfectly that we are left with no other choice I guess!

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