10 Essential Things Every 20-Something Should Have In Her Wardrobe

Every 20-something woman knows that the wardrobe door leads to a world that might be more magical than the world of Narnia. But not all magic is good. There are a lot of things that just crumble inside your wardrobe and hide in there like monsters. There is the cutout stripped shirt that is nothing but a bad decision you took on a shopping spree or the lipstick you thought would make you look like a Grammy Award winner but made you look like someone from Twilight. In this article, we will talk about the 10 most essential things that should be in your wardrobe. If you don’t have one of them by now, then you probably should.

A Black Leather Jacket

This is something that you can wear any day and anywhere. It is good with a pair of tight jeans and elegant on top of an evening dress on a cold night to the club. A black leather jacket will even look good on denim shorts and a crop top. However you choose to style it, a good quality black leather jacket is a timeless item that would never get old.

A Big Black Leather Handbag

This is good for a day at work, a shopping day at the mall and a night out with your friends. Choose a bag that has adjustable shoulder straps. If it has cross-body handles, then it is even better. You don’t have to spend money on a runway brand, but choose a high quality bag that would last for some good years.

A Red Lipstick

A red lipstick can do wonders to your look and the way you feel about yourself. After all, have ever seen someone who looks bad in red? Red lipstick reminds us of the 50s glamour and all the magic that comes with it. Wear your lipstick even when you are feeling down, and watch the heads turn.

A Pair Of Dark Denim Pants That Fit Right

We all have a lot of denim pants that are suitable for every occasion and come in different shades and cuts. But every 20-something should have her to- go dark denim pants. These are good for a night at the club and for a baby shower. Invest in some high quality dark denim pants that would flatter your body. Remember that trends don’t work for everybody and they are called trends because they don’t live forever. But good denim does.

A Diamond Jewelry Item

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Diamonds are among the stuff that live forever. You don’t have to have a diamond ring and we were not suggesting that you should buy one yourself. But every girl should have something that is made of diamond like some earrings or even a clothes pin. This will make you feel like royalty when you need to.

A Good High Quality Bra

We know that good bras cost a lot but a good one will change your life forever. Cheap bras are cheap for a reason. You can tell the reason when the underwire is stabbing you in your rib-cage or when the straps keep on falling off your shoulders. Given the fact that many women are wearing the wrong bra size, finding a good bra that fits right is not that easy. Get a bra fitting at the store and buy one that you would save for the good occasions. Choose one that could be worn with straps or strapless so that you can wear it on different occasions.

Shoe Insoles

Wear shoe insoles with high heels, your future self will thank you. High heels look great but they damage the way your bones are aligned. They have an irreversible effect on the muscles and tendons of your calves and feet. Cushioned insoles seem to help with lowering the damage.


It doesn’t matter whether your skin burns or not. Sunblock is a must if you are not a vampire. Some people think that just because they don’t sunbathe very often then they are off the hook. The ultraviolet rays are the main cause of skin cancer which kills thousands of people every year. Slather on some sunblock whether you are going to drive or walk, with or without makeup, no matter what your skin tone is. It also delays the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

A Pair Of Colorful Flats

Black, white, nude and grey are the safe choices when it comes to flats. But think about the unlimited possibilities a pair of royal blue, red or purple ones can do to your wardrobe. They go with every color, every season and can be worn day or night.

A Little Black Dress

Little black dresses will never go out of fashion and they are highly versatile. Look for a dress that has something unique about it, like interesting sleeves or cutout details. You can easily change the way it looks by pairing it with the right belt, adding a brooch or tossing a denim jacket on top.

Your wardrobe might have a life of its own, but you definitely should have these items in it.

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