Design Your Dream House To Find Out Your Architectural Style!

We all love designing things, be it our shelves or bedrooms. And it is no exception that some of us LOVE designing our homes. But have you ever wondered what your architectural style is? If the answer to this question is YES, then you have come to the right spot because we have created a fun little quiz for you, and with its help, you will be able to find out your architectural style. All you have to do is design your dream house, and we’ll analyse your style in a jiffy!

  1. 1 What type of window style should your dream house have?

    1. Single Hung Windows
    2. Double Hung Windows
    3. Curved Windows
  2. 2 Which ceiling type looks the best to you?

    1. Coved Ceiling
    2. Tray Ceiling
    3. Cathedral Ceiling
  3. 3 Which foyer feels the most welcoming to you?

    1. Modern Style Foyer
    2. Bohemian Style Foyer
    3. Mid century Modern Style Foyer
  4. 4 Which door style you like the best?

    1. French Door.
    2. Pocket Doors.
    3. Colonial Doors.
  5. 5 Which kitchen counter style you like the best?

    1. A kitchen counter made of wood.
    2. A tile kitchen counter.
    3. A bohemian style kitchen counter.
  6. 6 What type of wall do you prefer?

    1. Load bearing Walls.
    2. Shear Walls.
    3. Retaining Walls.
  7. 7 What do you want your doors to be made up of?

    1. Glass Doors
    2. Wooden Doors
    3. Terracotta Doors
  8. 8 What kind of roof would you like your dream house to have?

    1. Shed Roof
    2. Gambrel Roof
    3. Hip Roof

Design Your Dream House To Find Out Your Architectural Style!

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  1. Quiz result

    Modern Architecture

    Based on your choices in this quiz it looks like your architectural style is MODERN ARCHITECTURE! This is great, you're living at the right time!

    Modern and postmodern architecture are styles style based on new and innovative technologies of construction.

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  2. Quiz result

    Gothic Architecture

    Your architectural style is none other than GOTHIC ARCHITECTURE!

    Gothic architecture was an architectural style in Europe and it lasted from the mid 12th century till the 16th century, but in some areas has survived till the 18th century. This type of archtectural style consists of masonry buildings characterized by cavernous spaces. Structures of this style are oddly spacious and give out a 'goth' vibe. You've got taste!

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  3. Quiz result

    Victorian Architecture

    Victorian Architecture is your architectural style! 

    Victorian Architecture was an architectural style from the Victorian era, so mid-to-late 19th century. Here, Victorian refers to the reign of Queen Victoria, and during this time the style used was known as the Victorian Style. This leg of architecture is characterised by ornate furnishing and decorative style throughout. You've got great taste!

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