10 Exotic Fruits To Try At Least Once

The most delightful way to discover a town, a city, or a country is trying local flavors. Going to little restaurants and trying out the results of ancient recipes is great, yes, but what we love is going to the local farmer’s market to explore local produce. Believe it or not, oranges in America’s New Jersey will never taste as good as the oranges in India’s Mumbai. This is exactly why when we travel to a new place, our first question at breakfast buffets always is which local fruit do you have? And we are never disappointed. If you happen to not have an idea about what you need to look for when you travel to this country or that, we are here to help. Let’s talk about the 10 most exotic fruits in the world – we are expecting you to note down the name and where they’re found – and make the most of summer!

Fuyu – Eastern Asia, India 

7 Exotic Fruits To Try At Least Once
via Wikimedia Commons/Frank Schulenburg

Fuyu is one of the most easily accessible varieties of persimmon; it’s sweet and tasty. The fruit has often been referred to as the ‘fruit of Gods’ It is found most commonly in Eastern Asia and India.

Atemoya – Australia, Peru, Chile, Israel, Hawaii, Florida  

7 Exotic Fruits To Try At Lease Once
via Wikimedia Commons/user:takoradee

Atemoya is a pitted fruit much like cherimoya, so even if the fruit may look tough from the outside, it needs to be handled with utmost care. The inner flesh that covers the seeds is sugary and edible, but the seeds should not be swallowed. Those who have had it call it one of the tastiest esotic fruits you can ever have. 

Feijoa – Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay 

7 Exotic Fruits To Try At Lease Once
via Wikimedia Commons/Didier Descouens

Feijoa is enjoyed like ice cream. When you cut this fruit you scoop out its inner flesh with a spoon and eat it. The distinct flavor of feijoas – tasting of pineapple, guava and mint – makes it a great ingredient in smoothies. 

Lychee – Southeast Asia 

Lychees are known primarily for their jell-o like texture and their floral scent. The fruit itself is sweet – removing the inedible goosebump-like exterior reveals the flesh, and inside that is the seed. Lychee tastes great when cold. 

Salak – Indonesia 

via Wikimedia Commons/Dennis Sylvester Hurd

The strawberry-sized fruit is found mostly in Indonesia, unless exported. Salak’s taste is not easily decipherable  – it has notes of honey, citrus essence and pineapple. At first, the spongy texture might perplex those who aren’t accustomed to it, but it becomes familiar quickly. 

Sapodilla – Mexico, Belize, Guatemala 

via Wikimedia Commons/PK743

Sapodilla is a sweet fruit – those who have had it describe it as a kind of root beer and brown sugar – which can make it not as great for those who don’t like drinking beer. However, the fruit comes with its own set of benefits. The texture is like a pear, but it has a pleasing grittiness to it. 

Yangmei – China 

via Wikimedia Commons/Mx. Granger

China’s Yangmei has a short shelf life, and it has to be chilled from the time of harvest, for preservation. It is only slightly larger than a cherry; the taste somewhat like strawberry – with herbal hints. Vendors keep yangmei in different stages – depending on what you want to do with the fruit, that is, eat it raw, use it to create cocktails and or add it to salads.

Starfruit – Southeast Asia

10 Exotic Fruits To Try At Lease Once
via Wikimedia Commons / SMasters

The sweet and sour starfruit is also called carambola. When cut up, the portions of the fruit resemble a five pointed star. However, always make sure to eat starfruit in small amounts, because a larger portion can be harmful as it contains neurotoxins.

Passion Fruit – Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina

10 Exotic Fruits To Try At Lease Once
via Wikimedia Commons / Challiyan

Passion fruit adds a refreshing flavor to everything it’s added to – from desserts and wines to savory salads and one-pot meals. The juicy, rich and nutritious pulp of passion fruit has made it a favorite. The fruit is tart; its rind is waxy, but softens as the fruit ripens. 

Pomelo – Malaysia, Thailand, China, Fiji

Grapefruit vs. Pomelo, via Wikimedia Commons / Gaurav

If you love citrus fruits, Pomelo is your heaven. Imagine a huge grapefruit. Now imagine it six times bigger. Pomelo is probably the largest citrus fruit you will get your hands on. Once you’ve taken off its thick exterior, you will meet the ultimate burst of juicy flavors that remains in your memories all your life long. 

Which of these exotic fruits have you already tried? Share with us in the comments below!

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