10 Gaming Contests For Novices To Bring Home Some Cash!

You don’t always have to be a pro to win prizes in gaming. Of course, there are a number of gaming tournaments with huge cash rewards that are for the elites. But this does not mean that the gaming community has forgotten about our new buds. There are actually some gaming contests that won’t ask you for god-level skills but will offer cash if you manage to win. So if you are one of those people who are looking for an opportunity like that, you are in luck. Because this article is about those very gaming contests for novices that might aid your pocket today! This will also give a good hint to the people looking to make gaming a career. So if you are looking for a sign from the universe to go ahead, this could be it! Without further delay, let’s dive into this money-making list. So, here are 10 gaming contests for novices to bring home some cash!

10 Gaming Contests For Novices To Bring Home Some Cash!

Free Fire All Stars Tournament

This Japanese game developed and published by Garena is a multiplayer video game. The game’s popularity took to the roof when it became the most downloaded mobile game globally in 2019. A popular game like that will obviously have a lot of tournaments that do not always require you to be an elite. Be an average player but good enough to win their tournaments. Free Fire All Star Tournament is one such tournament. This one allows you to play in your region on a continental basis. It can win you some cash prizes along with developing some skills to hone your gaming.

The International (DOTA 2)

This is a yearly esports world championship tournament that hosts a number of tournaments. Of course, there is the main tournament that attracts the pro players but there are mirror tournaments as well. These minor tournaments which are part of The International are especially for the new or armature players. You can try these to get a better grip on the games and for the cash price as well. That, of course, implies after you win in one of their minor tournaments!

Call Of Duty Challenger

Time for some challenge! Okay, that was lame but this tournament is not. This is a yearly completion that is organized by Activision. The official amateur competition of Call of Duty offers many prizes including a cash prize and challenger points. This not only is a way to improve your skills and win the prize but also is the best way to enter the leagues. If you are looking to start a career in gaming, this will help you to show off your improved skills to the Call of Duty Leagues teams!

Valorant Champions Tour

The VCT is a perfect way to make not only some money but to enter the champions level. Of course, you need to develop your skills for that first. But this tournament allowed you to make your way. They are held on the basis of competition levels. These levels include Challengers Level, Masters Level, and the Champions Level. You need to make your way through all the levels. But if you are a new player, then too, you do not much to worry about. The tournaments offer prices so based on your skills you can earn some!

Mid-Season Invitational

This is an international tournament that is to happen each year. The tournaments and the games are hosted in different states and cities and all the teams from all the leagues participate in it. This offers a huge cash price and is also a good way to sharpen your gaming skills for the same. Its hosts a number of games and you can try your best to win one!

10 Gaming Contests For Novices To Bring Home Some Cash!

Free Fire Rising Stars

Free Fire is back again on this list. Free Fire Rising Stars in a yearly tournament that offers huge prize pools. You can try your luck in this one along with your team and can also make a name for future championships. This too is organized by Garena and is played online, of course. The point distribution is on the basis of the kills you do. I mean it is a video game so obviously!

Hearthstone World Championship

This yearly championship can win you some huge cash rewards along with a name in the gaming community among the Hearthstone players. The event holds a lot of games for not only pro gamers but amateurs as well. The main event, however, focuses on 16 teams that play to win the title of the Hearthstone world champion.

The Dark Age Cup Tournament

This tournament is by the game The Age of Warfare: Dark Age Cup. The tournaments are perfect for amateur players to improve their skills and win cash. It is an amateur 2v2 tournament that is held every year. So, feel free to go for this one and concur not only the mission but your cash as well!

Death Match World Cup

You gotta play it till you die to win your reward here. Just kidding, the tournaments are perfect for people looking to win some price along with making their way to the higher-ups in the gaming community! And no, you don’t have to die but of course, win the game. It is by the game The Age of Empires and is sponsored by the community. Anyone can play from anywhere in the world and it starts with a total of 32 players!

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championship

This tournament by CS:GO is held every year and is one of the most played tournaments. With high rewards, these tournaments end up as one of the most preferred. The tournament is sponsored by Valve and is played among 16 teams. You get to make your way up by eliminating the other players. Since the players are just 24, the cash reward is high!

These are just some of the tournaments for you to get started. Don’t forget us when you win any of these tournaments!

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