10 Most Googled Travel Destinations In The USA in 2021

A survey is more of a part approach. I mean, going around asking people about what they like the most is just bizarre in this technological era. Why would you waste your time on that if you can just Google it? Since the whole world Googles whatever they want, it has become a pretty good source to know the most searched topic. Now if you use that smartly, it can let you in about a lot of information. Like the most searched recipes, the most Googled time-pass, and whatnot. The same goes for travel destinations as well. This also means that they are not only informational but are a good suggestion list as well. Of course, there has to be a list with travel destinations trending on Google!

10 Most Googled Travel Destinations In The USA in 2021

Not only does that hint you to note them in your bucket list but also tells you that you won’t regret visiting them. What does this mean? Well, this means that we dug around to get you a list of the most Googled travel destinations. So that you can choose any of these for your next trip. Or can simply expand your knowledge about some of the best places, your wish, no pressure!

Round Rock

Round Rocks in Texas stands in the first place when it comes to the most Googled destinations. Round Rock is doing its magic for the 2021 travel destination and rightly so. I mean, look at all its beautiful destinations. The city won’t let you down when it comes to a soothing trip. Feeling like taking a dip in the water? This city has famous water parks like RockN River Water Park. Old Seattle Park and Austin’s are some of the places that this city can make you crazy for! 


Destin is a beautiful city in Florida. The place can especially capture your heart in the months of April and May. That does not mean you can’t visit it in the other months, of course. This city stands at the 2nd place to be most Googled. The place is known as the ‘world’s luckiest fishing village’! Now, if it’s actually lucky to fish here or not is something you gotta find on your own! Crab Island Information Center, Destin Harbor Boardwalk are some of its famous attractions!

Bar Harbor

This place is bound to be the 3rd most Googled destination! ‘Why’? That’s because the view this town can give you cannot be seen anywhere else. The town is actually a gateway to the mountains and cliffs to the Acadia National Park. A simple walk is more than enough to make you feel like you are in heaven surrounded by nature. Some of its famous attractions are Acadia National Park, Cadillac Mountain, Jordan Pond, and many more! One of the ideal places to spend your vacation. 

Mount Pleasant

It’s already in the name people. The experience has to be one of the most pleasant ones here. At least for the name’s sake! Kidding, this town in South Carolina will actually give you some beautiful memories. The place is lush green and is at the 4th spot on the destination list. It is the largest town in SC. This town has a lot of historical landmarks to offer. You can visit places like Fort Sumter National Monument, Historic Charleston City Market, and more. For nature lovers, try the Boone Hall Plantations & Garden!


Of course, the place is at the 5th spot for most Googled travel destinations. A place that is a gateway or is at the foothill of a beautiful mountain is bound to be a famous and preferred travel destination. Gatlinburg in Tennessee is a gateway town to the captivating mountains of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Most of its attractions focus on this National Park. It has some of the most popular restaurants that you cannot miss like the Sky Mountain Pizza and The Red Oak Bistro and more. A perfect destination for hill lovers!

Cape May

A destination near the sea always attracts tourists like honey attracts the bees. The place is beautifully situated near the sea with huge houses that can alone mesmerize you. The place is at the 6th position and deserves the spot completely. It also has a lighthouse that can offer some astonishing views of the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and the Delaware Bay. Some of its attractions are its captivating houses from the Victorian age and the ever-busy market in the Washington Street Mall!

Las Vegas

When was this destination ever out of the list? Never. The place is literally a magnet for tourists and people who live for vacations. Las Vegas stands at the 7th spot on this list. The closer you get to the Las Vegas strip is where the real fun begins. However, that does not mean you won’t enjoy the other parts of this place. It can offer some of the most expensive places to some of the many free attractions that you can visit!


This city in Arizona is the perfect destination for the people who love a trip to the desert that can also offer some greenery. It stands at the 8th position on this list and is an amazing vacation destination. The place can offer many activities that are close to nature like bird watching and camping. It is surrounded by red rocks and pine trees along with the hint of desert sand. A combo of many in a nutshell. Some of its attractions that you can visit while you hike are the Chapel of the Holy Cross, Cathedral Rock Trail, and more!


Newport in the Rhode Islands is a perfect seaside vacation spot. The place has a harbor so a yacht trip and time near the sea are always on the books. Newport has a lot of museums so it also has a lot to offer to the tourists who love some educational trips. The National Tennis Hall of Fame, Rosecliff, The Breakers, and more are some of its famous attractions that you should definitely pay a visit to!


Branson is a beautiful city in Missouri. The place is perfect for a family trip. In fact, it is popular as a family vacation destination. The city stands in the 10th position for this list. It has a long relationship with art, music, and culture. So vacation here is bound to be full of cultural attractions. It is very popular for its live entertainment that will not let you down. Scooter’s Sports Grill, Dreamsicles, and more are some of the restaurants that you cannot miss. Some of its famous attractions that you gotta try are Silver Dollar City, Titanic Museum Attraction, Branson Landing, and more!

Well, these were some of the most Googled travel destinations. So, yeah, feel free to note down the list and plan the trip accordingly!

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