Why Is ‘Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese’ The ‘White Whale’ Of Cheese World?

Buffalo mozzarella is the Great White Whale of American cheesemaking: an exotic and strong desire that pushes normally rational individuals into destructive monomaniacal pursuits. Mozzarella di Bufala Campana is a mozzarella prepared from the milk of water buffalo.

Why Is 'Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese’ The 'White Whale Of Cheese World?
Wikimedia Commons/H. Alexander Talbot

Mozzarella di Bufala is both tasty and nutritious; in fact, although having more fat than typical cow’s milk, buffalo milk is high in vital nutrients such as protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus, and vitamin D. 

How Is Buffalo Mozzarella Made?

Milk is collected from chosen farms and transported to the dairy within 12 hours, where it is filtered and then curdled.

The curd is broken and then left to acidify for 3-4 hours in its own whey. Then it’s submerged in hot water till it stretches. The balls are soaked in salt water before being returned to their whey.

Buffalo mozzarella may now be utilized in a variety of delectable dishes.

This extra-soft mozzarella is a world away from rubbery, low-moisture grocery store shreds, and it’s moisture, richer, and more delicate than the cow’s-milk fresh mozzarella used in Caprese salads at thousands of Italian restaurants across the world.

It is softly flavored and creamy, with a texture that is almost sliceable, somewhere between cream cheese and mousse. The flavored variants are gently sweet and delicate, while the plain form is a rich, tangy, and yeasty neutral dairy component that is ideal for tzatziki, raita, and baking.

Why is Buffalo Cheese so elusive?

Despite popular belief, buffalo are not native to the United States, where the creatures we name “buffalo” are really bison. Aside from climatic concerns, another major challenge for North American buffalo producers is animal psychology. Water buffalo are well-known for being anxious, distrustful, and resistant to artificial milking.

Buffalo produces far less milk than dairy cows, producing approximately six liters per day compared to the typical dairy cow’s 30. Buffalo also have a longer gestation cycle and a longer dry period than other animals. More milk solids per liter of milk assist to balance this, but it does not completely compensate for the difference.

Buffalo mozzarella has a four to five-day shelf life since it is prepared from unpasteurized milk. They should be consumed within a week to really appreciate their unusual softness and sour flavor, which has no doubt contributed to the black-market mystique that surrounds them.

Why should you seek it out?

Fresh buffalo milk cheeses have a short shelf life. They should be consumed within a week to really appreciate their unusual softness and sour flavor, which has no doubt contributed to the black-market mystique that surrounds them.

Buffalo milk is high in nutrients. It has more calcium and protein than cow’s milk and fewer cholesterol and salt. Buffalo milk is beneficial to bone health, dental health, and cardiovascular health. It’s also high in minerals including magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus.

There you go. Now you know a delicious and healthy cheese variant. Don’t let anyone guilt you for overindulging!

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