10 Nude Beaches To Visit When You Wanna Bare It All

How different do you think society would have been if there was no concept of clothing? It’s safe to say that the answer will be ‘extremely different’. In fact, the whole way of living would have been kinda upside-down. And not to forget the lack of famous clothing brands and stores that everyone goes crazy for. But there is no point in thinking about it since the human brain is already set to see people in a certain manner. By that ‘manner’, we are specifically pointing towards our clothing system. But what if we tell you that there is a way to put your mind in confusion regarding this very concept? If you are thinking that we are talking about a place where you can go naked out in public, then you are correct. We know that was just a wild guess that you took but your guessing game is going strong today. This is exactly what we are going to talk about for this article. Believe us or not, we have prepared a list of 10 popular nude beaches in the world that you can actually visit! Yes, something not only extra different for you to experience but totally unique to try as well!

Black’s Beach

10 Nude Beaches To Visit When You Wanna Bare It All
cia Wikimedia Commons/ Scragz

Black’s Beach is one such unique beach in La Jolla, California that you will not forget your time here. One of the top nude beaches around the world, the Black Beach is your ticket to some unique experience. This beach has already been famous for the subject of matter as it was the only legal nude beach in the US. It maintained this title for more than 50 years! Talk about popularity, haah? The beach rests beneath the 100 meter high cliffs of Torrey Pines. The route for the beach itself is an adventure as it makes you cross the zig-zag Ho Chi Minh Trail from the cliff top near the University of California! A sure hangout spot for these uni kids, correct?

Lady Bay Beach

10 Nude Beaches To Visit When You Wanna Bare It All
via Wikimedia Commons/ Neitram

Just like its name, the beach is beautiful as well. Lady Bay Beach is in Sydney, Australia, and is one of the nude beaches on this list! Yes, your very own nude beach in Australia! The clothing thing is optional here so it may look like a normal beach if everyone chooses to put on some clothes. The beach is quite small and narrow but its rocky ledges offer the perfect spot for some nude sunbathing. The place is towards the south head of the Sydney Harbor in case anyone is wondering about the address!

Wreck Beach

10 Nude Beaches To Visit When You Wanna Bare It All
via Wikimedia Commons/ Bec Wonders

No, it’s just the name, the beach in actuality is very beautiful. Wreck Beach in Vancouver, Canada is one of the nude beaches on this list and a perfect hangout spot for some nude beach fun. It is also entitled to being one of the World’s Longest Nude Beaches. Basically, a spot for some long nude beach walks, correct? The beach became popular in the 1970s and since then has served as an outing spot for the students and teachers of the University of British. Well, you see the university is across the street!

Red Beach

10 Nude Beaches To Visit When You Wanna Bare It All
via Wikimedia Commons/ MARKELLOS

We had black, we had a wreck, and now it’s time for the red! Red Beach in Crete, Greece is the spot for people who want to experience this nude freedom. The beach is on the south side of the Crete and is popular for its nude sunbathing provisions. The beach was made famous during the 1960s. Thanks to the free-spirited Euro hippies. The name of the beach comes from its color, of course. The beach also offers chairs and umbrellas on rent so you can just rent them then and there.

Buhne 16

10 Nude Beaches To Visit When You Wanna Bare It All
via Wikimedia Commons/ Dietmar Rabich

This beach in Sylt, Germany is the spot for nude sunbathing. The beach is along the German shore and the water here can get pretty cold even in the summers. So try not to forget your guts before visiting this one in Sylt. Most of the beaches in Sylt are optional when it comes to clothing but Buhne 16 has its own ways. Sunbathing and beach parties with no clothes are sure on the menu if you go to this beach!

Platja des Cavallet

10 Nude Beaches To Visit When You Wanna Bare It All
via Wikimedia Commons/ David Sim

This beach in Ibiza, Spain gives a green single to some nude beach fun! This beach is by far the most systematic one where fun is a surety. The beach has sections like a beach club party section, a gay scene, and the section where the nude beach fun lovers can have the time of their life. The best part about this one is your time here will show you some extraordinary pink friends, hanging around the shallow waters! We are talking about Flamingos, please don’t be worried for no reason!

Little Beach

10 Nude Beaches To Visit When You Wanna Bare It All
via Wikimedia Commons/ Travisthurston

This little beach is actually a part of Makena State Park. The beach is in Maui, Hawaii. Any beach in Hawaii is bliss which makes this one obvious heaven. The beach being part of the state park overlooks a national marine sanctuary. Thanks to the sanctuary, you can also get some beautiful visuals of sea turtles, dolphins, whales, and tropical fishes. Basically, the beach has it all!

Cap d’Agde Beach

10 Nude Beaches To Visit When You Wanna Bare It All
via Wikimedia Commons/ Spedona

This beach in France can show you some merry time. The beautiful clearwater beach is also famous by the name ‘Naked City’. This makes a lot of sense, of course! It is one of the largest nude beaches, of course, clothing is optional. This one not only offers you to take off your clothes on the sand but practically anywhere in the restaurants, stores, during sailing, etc. Nude beach in some true sense, haah? The beach is extremely famous and can get around 40000 people a day during the high season!

Playa Zipolite

via Wikimedia Commons/ AlejandroLinaresGarcia

Playa Zipolite is one of the naked beaches around this world. The beach is in Oaxaca, Mexico. If you found the sites a bit familiar then it might be because of the movie ‘Y T Mama Tambien’. The famous 2001 movie was shot here for many parts! The beach gained its momentum during the 1960s by the Mexican and American hippies. This beach is a beautiful place for some naked beach fun while clothes are, of course, optional!

Spiaggia di Guvano

via Wikimedia Commons/ Uomo Ubriaco

This beach in Vernazza, Italy is one of the naked beaches on this list and around the world. The beach is a visual bliss that can give you some movie-like experience. For its natural beauty, obviously. The interesting part about this beach is that the journey to the beach is unique in itself. You can reach here only by an abandoned railway tunnel! Kinda spooky but exciting as well, correct? The water is crystal clear but the sand is actually full of pebbles, so be careful about that!

These were some of the nude beaches around the world. Each one of them can offer some unique experience on its own. So which one are you planning to visit?

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