10 Hilarious Comic Strips That Describe An Artist’s Life

All of us may have our own individuality of expression, our own peculiarities when it comes to creating art. But what shatters these differences between artists are our similar struggles. Whether it is the awkwardness of random strangers surrounding us as we draw or the ‘mistaken’ perception of our pieces, in struggle we unite. And as easy it is to go on and on about our shared grief, what can be a better way to describe an artist’s life than the work itself? Whether you are a graphic designer, a painter, a sketch artist or one among the many ‘amateurs’, these hilarious comic strips that describe the artist’s life aptly will leave you in fits. 

The jolly wit in these strips is what we love the most. The comedy not only humors but also honours the artists within us – as Personal or professional as they might be. 

 So without further ado, we present 10 relatable and hilarious comic strips that commemorate an artist’s life perfectly:

What’s your orientation?

via Bored Panda

You might have been behind a camera juggling the two modes, but have you been before two such doors? I can’t think straight!

That awkward moment

10 Hilarious Comic Strips That Describe An Artist's Life
via jenny-jinya.com

Aren’t we all an amalgam of what we see and hear everyday? Um, is that really my own idea?

We’ve got to pay bills, you know?

10 Hilarious Comic Strips That Describe An Artist's Life
via Theoatmeal.com

Ever had that friend or relative or associate who got you to do work, and all they paid you back in was pr omised ‘exposure and experience’? Us, too. We’ve got to pay bills, too, you know?

Everyone’s looking

All eyes are on us, as if it’s our day. And it is!

via Bored Panda

Awww, thank you!

10 Hilarious Comic Strips That Describe An Artist's Life
via Unearthedcomics.com

The biggest insult for an artist is to be called normal. Call us weirdos, funkies, geeks, nerds. Call us dorks. Awww, thank you!

Wanna know something punny?

via Facebook/Foul Language Comics

Need we say more?

Some memories haunt forever

via deciantart/Jen Rose

Artists love encouraging children. But when it comes to their own little version? Burn it all!

Making art is a break from art

via deviantart/mmidpri31

What if we told you what you’re running away from is what you’re running towards?

No one can have it all

10 Hilarious Comic Strips That Describe An Artist's Life
via Facebook/Extra Calories Comics

No one can have it all. But we can have salt on our wounds.

Did I?

When people think it their duty to judge with scrutiny and advise.

Loved these hilarious comic strips? You’ll love how this artist creates a Japanese version of your favourite memes.

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