10 Scenic Airbnb Stays In The US

Staying in hotels is, of course, fun and all. But Airbnbs have an aura of their own. Never have we ever heard someone say that they did not enjoy their stay in an Airbnb. Of course, given the condition that the place is actually worthy enough. Airbnb can provide you with some of the most beautiful services. Especially when it comes to privacy; not to forget the themes. If an Airbnb is at a particular destination that is already relaxing, the stay automatically becomes a thousand times better. So we are sorting out some of the most scenic Airbnb stays in the US for you. After all, why go through the confusion of selection if there is a list prepared in advance, yeah? So, without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at these relaxing stays. Here are the 10 most scenic Airbnb in the USA for you to checkout!

Secluded Intowm Treehouse

10 Scenic Airbnb Stays In The US
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If you have a thing for nature, then this place is definitely for you. Secluded Treehouse, as the name makes it extremely clear, is a treehouse Airbnb. The place is located in the beautiful mountains of Atlanta, Georgia. You will be surrounded by lush green trees and nature. The sleep will be on the next level as well. After all, who doesn’t like the sound of nature? The beds here have rollers in them, so you can also roll them out on the deck. 

Brand New Studio Earthship

10 Scenic Airbnb Stays In The US
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Brand New Studio Earthship surely is one of the most scenic ones on this list. The Airbnb has an ambiance of a typical desert. The place is in Taos, New Mexico. The privacy is, of course, on the charts as the place is on open ground and quite isolated. The look of this Airbnb gives kinda the post apolitical vibe. The experience sure will be an unforgettable one. 

Dog Bark Park Inn B&B

via https://dogbarkpark.com/

This one is a must-visit for dog lovers. ‘Why’ you ask? Well, for starters, not only does this Airbnb have a dog theme dinner, but also because it is built literally in the shape of a dog! Yes, the entire structure is a giant dog. So, if you see it in a way, you will be living inside a dog. The place is in Cottonwood, Idaho. You can enjoy the scenic views from the balcony that is placed right on the dog’s belly. 

Man Cave Apartment

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The interior of Man Cave apartment has a different vibe altogether. The place is in Geneva, Florida. The main feature of this Airbnb is its collection of artefacts that acts as the main decoration. The place has everything, from a TV to a bar. Not to forget the wood-burning Fireplace. 

Underground Hygge

10 Scenic Airbnb Stays In The US
via Airbnb

Lord of the Rings fans, this one is your dream stay. Yes, Underground Hygge is a replica of the house of the hobbits. The place is in Orlando, Washington. Considered one of the most scenic Airbnb stays in the US, the view of the river right in front of the staybid unmatched. Not only will you enjoy your stay on the inside, but will also be able to pick many adventures around the mountain. Hiking and water adventures are some of the things that you can do here. 

1920s Sheep Wagon

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Have you ever thought about how it will be to stay a night in a Sheep Wagon? Well, it won’t be just a fantasy anymore. Because you can actually experience that in this Airbnb in Shirley Basin, Wyoming. The place is actually a renovated 1920s sheep wagon; one of its kind for sure. The place is beautiful as far as privacy is concerned. You can do all kinds of activities here – from star gazing to hiking – the options are endless 

Earthen Hobbit Hut

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Earthen Hobbit Hut is THE Airbnb stay to opt for if you’re visiting Geyserville, California. The place is absolutely adorable from the inside and promises a peaceful, aesthetic stay. It is surrounded by lush green trees, so you will be able to taste sweet privacy at its best. Some of the huts even include hot tubs, sauna, pools, and much more. 

Rainforest Treehouse

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This one is in the middle of a rainforest in Hawaii. So we are assuming you can guess how peaceful and scenic this one is bound to be. Of course, privacy is on the top, and the touch of greenery and nature makes it a thousand times better. For people who have a bug for adventure, this place is just perfect. This Airbnb will allow you to mingle with the wild. 

The Box Hop

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If you are someone who loves and value strange yet beautiful architecture, then this place is for you. The Box Hop is a scenic Airbnb in the Hocking Hills, Rockbridge, Ohio. The place is surrounded by greenery, so privacy is definitely not an issue here. Also, you can get some of the most beautiful views of the forest from its huge screen windows. 

Off-grid itHouse

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A place with this name is pretty self-explanatory. This Airbnb is in a remote place in a valley. It keeps you off-grid and allows you to mingle with nature in a better way. Of course, it also means that there is no facility for TV or the internet. The place is isolated. The desert-like surrounding further adds to the purpose of this scenic Airbnb. You can stay here when you need to disconnect to reconnect.

These were some of the most scenic Airbnb stays in the US. Which one are you going to book for your next retreat? Share with us in the comments below!

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