10 Signs He Gives That Say He Is Into You

After meeting a guy for the first time, you may not really know what he really thinks about you. It is the things he does subsequently that will convince you that you have found your Mr. Right.

1. He Makes An Effort To Be With You

does he love you?

A guy who is really into you does not only call or text to check on you, but he tries his best to see you on a regular basis. He doesn’t wait till you guys have a date or dinner together; he wants to be with you at all times, irrespective of what you guys do together. Therefore, if your man asks you to go to the movies with him, grab lunch together, go with him to his football game, or hang out and watch movies at his place, there is greater likelihood that he is into you.

2. He Introduces You To His Friends, Family Members And Colleagues

he loves you

When a guy is into you, he literally makes you a part of his life. This includes introducing you to everybody who matters to him, from family to friends and colleagues at work. He also tells them amazing and nice things about you, which makes them appreciate you too.

3. He Pays Attention While You Speak

If your man listens attentively to you, asks questions, seeks for your opinion and encourages you to talk more, he is into you. This is because he appreciates you and your ideas and wants to know more about you.

4. He Displays His Affection For You

While he doesn’t have to be overly dramatic, a man that is into you will regularly want to hold your hand when you feel comfortable and caress your back in a supportive manner. These little gestures show love, respect, and attention.

5. He Is Interested In Your Interests

A guaranteed means of knowing if your man values you will be if he is interested in what you are engaging in, even if it is something he is not interested in. He will push you on and regularly ask you how it’s going.

6. His Eyes Don’t Leave You When You’re Together

A guy will only make and maintain eye contact with you when he is comfortable in your company.  It is a clear sign of admiration and love. A guy who is not interested in you won’t have these traits and won’t bother looking you in the eye.

7. He Takes An Interest In And Wants To Know Your Friends

He doesn’t stop at introducing you to his friends, but goes further to make out time to get familiar with your friends, and eventually appreciate them if he is into you. If he is a player, he will attempt to flirt with your friends, but a man that is into you demonstrates genuine interest in your friends, and keeps his boundaries.

8. He Makes Time For You No Matter His Schedule

No matter how tight the schedule of a guy is, he still finds time to fix you in, if he is really into you. If he is travelling, he will call to see you before he leaves, call you regularly while he is away, or is already making plans to see you as soon as he gets back. These are clear signs that your man is crazy about you.

9. He Calls You Frequently

If a guy’s really into you, he can’t and won’t have to wait for a week after you first met to call you. Conversely, he calls anytime thoughts about you pop into his head, sometimes just to check on how you are faring at work, what you had for lunch and plans after work. For some ladies this may look awkward, especially if they have never experienced it in previous relationships. Don’t think he is stalking you, he just can’t stay without speaking with you.

10. He Is As Close As Possible When You Are Talking

Apart from maintaining eye contact, his body language will also speak if he is into you. If he is relaxed when you are talking, leans in or tries to stay as close as possible, maintains eye contact, and doesn’t take the defensive position (arms and legs crossed defensively), he is using his body to show you that he is really interested in you through his body.

Now that you know better, you’d have an easy time keeping players and heart-breakers at bay!

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