10 YouTube Cooking Channels For Our Home MasterChef

Most people prefer YouTube cooking channels over TV shows as they are completely free to watch and allow us the liberty to spring forward or backward. Unlike TV, YouTube allows us to discover new recipes and techniques from its cooking channels and creators anywhere and anytime we want; the pause, replay, live transcript and add to watchlist are only cherries on the top.

10 YouTube Cooking Channels For Our Home MasterChef

From self-taught home cooks offering their cooking hacks to world-famous Michelin-star chefs – YouTube cooking channels give us a taste of everything. Here are 10 such popular channels that you need to subscribe to instantly if you’re learning to cook, want to try new recipes or if just watching cooking videos satisfies you, as it does us. 

Gordon Ramsay

The YouTube cooking channel by popular chef Gordon Ramsay already has over 550 videos and 18,800,000 subscribers. The channel is popular all over the world for its HD videos of top recipes, cooking tips and helpful techniques from Gordon Ramsay himself, posted every week. The video ‘How to Master 5 Basic Cooking Skills’

 is one of the most popular videos on Gordon Ramsay’s cooking channel. The channel also posts TV shows with Gordon Ramsay as a guest. You will enjoy this YouTube channel if you like Ramsay and his art.


Tasty is Internet giant BuzzFeed’s own cooking channel on YouTube that regularly posts simple and easy starter, breakfast, dinner and dessert recipes. It has more than 2,100 videos and over 20,900,000 subscribers. Most of the cooking videos on Tasty are short and concise. If you love quick recipes and cooking hacks, you need to.follow this cooking channel 

Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit airs multiple cooking videos every week. One of easiest YouTube cooking channels to follow along, Bon Appetit aims to help you up your cooking game and discover new restaurants in various cities. The channel also uploads interesting lifestyle videos with pasty hosting and food tasting ideas. Some of the most honest videos star children who taste their parents’ cooking and give their honest opinions, making the channel 10 times funnier than any other

 Bon Appetit has posted over 650 videos and has more than 5,980,000 subscribers.

Pro Home Cooks

Pro Home Cooks is one of the best YouTube cooking channels to subscribe to if you are into freestyle, casual cooking. The channel is run by two guys with a technical background who share a laid-back cooking style and offer budget-friendly cooking tips in short videos. Most of the recipes can be tried even if you don’t have a proper kitchen. A must watch video on the Pro Home Cooks channel is “How to Live on $3 a Day” in which they cook various foods on a limited budget. You would love this channel if you are on a plant-based diet, seeing as they upload videos on vegan-friendly recipes. The channel has more than 400 videos and over 3,250,000 subscribers.

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver FoodTube is one of the most trustable YouTube food channels, because it is hosted by none other than the popular UK based celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. The lip-smacking channel consists of his videos focussed mostly on British food, but also has select videos on other cuisines like Italian and American. You can find cooking videos of a specific theme like breakfast, chocolate or barbeque on categorized playlists. The channel has more than 1,700 videos and over 5,660,000 subscribers.


The popular food website Epicurious.com runs its own YouTube cooking channel that has a large selection of videos on varied dishes. This channel also uploads tutorials for using different kinds of knives and cutlery, preparing dips and sauces, and the perfect way to mix and blend cocktails. There are more than 1,300 videos on the channel, and it has over 4,210,000 subscribers.

Food Wishes

Food Wishes is hosted by the celebrated American chef John Mitzewich, who also owns the cooking website FoodWishes.com, and has over 4,170,000 subscribers and 1,800 videos. Even though Food Wishes is trusted greatly when it comes to desserts and sides, it also has some remarkable tutorials on full course meals from varied cuisines. The channel consists of the playlist ‘Tips and Techniques’ which include videos that help you in improving your cooking skills. Food Wishes also comes under the category of YouTube cooking channels that host recipes for various occasions, like festivals and special days.


If you enjoy a more refined and sophisticated way of cooking, ChefSteps is the right channel for you. This platform can prove greatly helpful for learning different recipes and tips that let you gracefully impress your friends and family. The channel also consists of various recipes from famous movies and TV shows, and the ‘Pixar-Style Ratatouille’ is one of its most watched videos of this kind. You will get expert cooking tips and advice on ChefSteps, as the channel brings to you recipe videos from award-winning chefs. There are more than 550 videos on the channel with over 1,110,000 subscribers.


Tastemade is similar to Tasty with its short and fun cooking videos covering a wide variety of recipes, uploaded every day! Tastemade has different hosts, so you can choose who you like best. Videos like ‘Raw. Vegan. Not Gross’ and the ‘Healthy AF’ series are some of the popular videos on this channel. There are over 1,000 videos on the channel, with more than 1,640,000 subscribers.

Laura In The Kitchen

The channel owned by popular Italian chef Laura Vitale, Laura in the Kitchen, is our last recommendation on the list. The channel has crossed 3,860,000 subscribers and has over 1,600 videos of exciting, homely recipes for tasty and easy food. Laura Vitale occasionally uploads healthy and tasty recipes of her own making, such as cosmic brownies, pizza burgers and pecan pie cooking.

We hope that our recommendations of 10 popular YouTube cooking channels helps you in your cooking endeavors. Let us know in the comments below if you think that your favorite cooking channel is missing from this list.

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