18 Packing Hacks To Use While Traveling Abroad

Let’s be honest. We’ve all been wanting to get out of the country for a long time now. With travel restrictions finally dropping down and the fun setting in again, vacationing abroad can be a much-needed break. Think of the pristine Bali beaches, or Mexican mojitos, or Indian bazaars, or perhaps the beautiful Amsterdam nightlife. While all this can be enticing, let us not forget this is still a trip abroad. And the mind needs assistance when it comes to packing for a trip abroad – a trip to a whole new country.  Our 18 packing hacks make sure your foreign trip is as comfortable and smooth as it is fun. Let’s get started.

Scan and send your passport, identity card, and itinerary to yourself

18 Packing Hacks To Use While Traveling Abroad

In the case of loss or theft, this offers an additional duplicate of each. As an iPhone user, I generally open the email on my iPhone and store the papers in iBooks after emailing them to myself. This gives me a record that I can access when I’m not connected to the internet.

Other documents to bring

Train, bus, boat, or aircraft tickets, hotel reservations, attraction and museum tickets, a piece of paper with emergency contacts, guides and maps, and local tourist cards.

Keep a packing checklist

18 Packing Hacks To Use While Traveling Abroad

Use a packing checklist as your guide to packing. Preferable, make your own or do a little digging to find the perfect list online. A packing list ensures you won’t forget anything and encourages even the most relentless over-packer to trim it down a bit.

Start packing at the bottom

 Pack all of your heavier items (shoes, cosmetic bags, etc.) at the bottom of your suitcase to make weaving through the airport crowds a breeze.

Bring a washing bag

18 Packing Hacks To Use While Traveling Abroad

Bring a mesh washing bag with you on your trip to separate the dirty clothing from the clean. A pillowcase can also do the trick!

Prepare your clothes

When traveling for 10 days or fewer, always lay out each outfit ahead of time. When you leave for a month, prepare enough for 10 days and then mix and match. To make things easier, try to stick to a color palette. Never bring anything you “may” wear but have never worn before.

Begin with light baggage

18 Packing Hacks To Use While Traveling Abroad

The most logical of all packing hacks to avoid incurring overweight fees is to begin with lightweight luggage. Because it’s so hefty, your grandparents’ old baggage may as well be tossed out! You may perhaps use a backpack instead. Look for lightweight baggage that is attractive, extendable, has 4-wheel spinners, and is well-designed for organization.

Laptop safety is very important

LYou shouldn’t put your laptop in a soft carry-on bag and throw it up in the overhead bins. People aren’t careful when they put their things up and turbulence can cause things to move and fall when they open.

Obtain a power adaptor

18 Packing Hacks To Use While Traveling Abroad

There are three types of power adapters in Europe alone. You should investigate the types of plugs available in your target country and make your purchase appropriately. There are also some universal ones that would be a smart purchase if you intend on traveling overseas frequently.

Make use of laundry

Bring less items and wash things halfway during lengthier journeys. Larger hotels will usually handle your laundry for you, which is ideal for two to four-week stays. Even if they don’t, ask about and they’ll typically tell you where the nearest laundry is. Underwear and socks, on the other hand, may be readily cleaned in the sink with ordinary soap. Just make sure you give yourself adequate time to dry.

Layer your clothing

18 Packing Hacks To Use While Traveling Abroad

Dressing in layers is a good method to conserve space while traveling to colder locations. Instead of bulky coats and hoodies, bring a few light shirts.

Do your homework

Research the fashion culture in your destination. For instance, if you’re a woman, you don’t want to wear something that reveals lots of skin in Arabic countries. In Europe, people tend to dress a bit more formally than in America. So, pack accordingly.

Dress smart, shoe smarter

18 Packing Hacks To Use While Traveling Abroad

Try not to bring no more than three pairs of shoes: A pair of running sneakers, casual shoes, and flip-flops or boots (depending on the weather.) Shoes take a lot of space, so think twice about bringing extra pairs.

Pack everything for a comfortable trip

Do you think that sitting in a seat for ten hours will be comfortable? Well, think again, because you’re likely to feel stiff and exhausted after your flight. If you have the room, pack a pair of trainers, a hoodie, soft socks, a sleeping pillow, and a sleep-mask for comfortable sleeping.

Utilize packing cubes

Packing cubes are the greatest packing hacks. They organize your items and save a little bit of space. You can divide the cubes by their contents. For instance, one is for electronics, another is for chargers and smaller items, and one is for bulkier clothing, etc.

To roll or to fold?

Ah, the age-old packing debate. The answer: roll. Most people swear by rolling. Rolling saves more space than folding, and on top of that it also cuts down on wrinkles. Win-win!

Safeguard spills with plastic wrap

 It’s every girl’s worst nightmare – you open your makeup bag to discover your fifty-dollar foundation leaked and take down all of its travel-sized friends with it. Save yourself and your makeup bag by placing plastic wrap in between the bottle and the lid.

Be Realistic

 If you don’t workout at home, what makes you think you need running shoes and workout clothes for the hotel gym? Nope. If you dread stilettos on a night out, will you really wear them on the cobblestones after a day of walking around? Not a chance. Pack what you will really wear, not what you think you might wear.

And the bonus hack? Have fun! Even if you realize you’ve missed packing your sunblock, or you lose a little something, calm down and just have fun. The only thing worse than having fun without sunblock is not having any. 

Liked our packing hacks? If you’re going abroad for your honeymoon, check out our complete honeymoon packing guide.

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