This Company Creates Non-Dairy Dairy Products!

Have you ever stopped and thought about how technologically advanced we have become? Of course, we see many examples from time to time. In fact, how can we even ignore the involvement of techs in today’s world? After all, our lives have become heavily dependent on science and its inventions. But let us give you a recent example of how far we have reached from where we started. It sure is no less than a miracle. Believe it or not, but a start-up has actually succeeded in creating Non-Dairy Dairy milk, a real dairy product without any cow’s milk involved! Yes, you heard that correctly. Sounds like a plot from some sci-fi movie, correct?

So what is this start-up that found a way to do the impossible?

This Company Creates Non-Dairy Dairy Milk!

A start-up from California has found a substitute for the protein that is usually found in cow’s milk. And you will be surprised to hear it, but that substitute was found in fungi! Ryan Pandya, the co-founder of Perfect Day, believes that it can be used in making non-dairy dairy products like cheese and such. He revealed that their main focus was to find out the main thing that the cow’s milk had. Which was otherwise missing in plant-based milks like oat milk and soya milk. The company is already winning hearts with its environmentally friendly product. It is already making its way to the households of Hong Kong and the United States. They have partnered up with a few ice cream companies in both countries, which are picking up pace due to its good taste!

So how exactly are they doing it?

They achieved it all with the help of fermented fungi. Whey Protein in the cow’s milk plays a major role in the entire process. Perfect Day introduced the gene code to a fungus. The fungus was then fermented in tanks. It resulted in producing Whey Protein that was perfected into a powder-like substance. This is the powder that results in making the dairy products. The best part about the product is that it is vegan-friendly, of course. So vegans who love dairy products can consume them without any guilt! The entire process does not involve any animal, which makes it entirely animal-friendly as well.

Also, they are not the only ones!

Other than Perfect Day, there are a few more companies and start-ups that are shifting their focus to such techniques and successfully creating Non-Dairy Dairy products. For example, a start-up from California, New Culture, is also producing cheese without involving cows. And a company named Turtle Tree Labs is creating milk with the help of culture cells.

All in all, humans are becoming more aware of the factors that can provide some pretty usable alternatives for animals. Not only is the thing environmentally-friendly, but it is also a good way to keep animals out of this. What do you think about it? Would you like to try a dairy product produced through such a technique?

Loved non-dairy dairy? Till you can get your hands on it, try these 5 lesser-known yummy plant based milks.

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