5 Best Spots To See The Northern Lights From!

Northern Lights are an astronomical miracle that are visible to the human eye in the night sky generally at a greater altitude. Also known as aurora borealis, northern lights are worth the chills experienced while visiting the high latitudes to witness them! While Northern lights can be viewed from a lot of places, here are the top five spots to see the Northern Lights.

Reykjavik, Iceland

5 Best Spots To See The Northern Lights From!
Wikimedia Commons/Vincent Guth vingtcent

Capital of Iceland, a tourist in Reykjavik will have a lot of things on their to-do list. Whether it is going for whale watching or to the numerous art galleries, there is not one moment when you can feel bored here. However, among the many things one can do in Reykjavik, the lesser popular and extremely underrated activity would be watching the Northern Lights. The best months to see the northern lights in Iceland are between September to April. The advantage one has when visiting this city for the Northern Lights is that the lack of knowledge about it makes it a lesser known spot to be added in one’s itinerary. Thus, you can enjoy this surreal beauty in peace and isolation!

Tromso, Norway

5 Best Spots To See The Northern Lights From!

The extreme Northern location of this city allows it to be a well-known spot for viewing the northern lights. The best months to visit are the same as Iceland, ensure that the sky is cloudless and the air has less or no pollution to have an uninterrupted experience of Aurora. Best time being close to midnight, sometimes you can get lucky by spotting the glare of the Northern Lights all through the night, at least as long as it remains dark. One advantage that Tromso has over other locations is its stable weather conditions. No snow or cloudy sky almost guarantees an Aurora so be patient and look out for the green magic in the sky!

Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland

5 Best Spots To See The Northern Lights From!

Rovaniemi is regarded as one of the best places in the world to see the Aurora Borealis. However, you must be sure to escape the city lights. Thereafter every spot will be perfect for viewing the Northern Lights. Though you do not have to necessarily go far from the main city to witness the northern lights, if you have a ride don’t think twice and just go to the Norvajarvi lake. This is the picture-perfect spot and because of its location and lesser light, you can see Northern Lights from here in all its elegance!

Alaska, U.S.A

5 Best Spots To See The Northern Lights From!
Wikimedia commons/United States Air Force photo by Senior Airman Joshua Strang

The cold winters, dark nights and cloudless skies make Alaska a perfect spot for seeing the Northern Lights. The magical display of Aurora in the skies of Alaska makes it a go-to when it comes to northern lights. Though the northern lights in Alaska appear more often than not, a perfect planning with respect to weather and location can make you witness surreal dancing green lights that are for sure going to leave your jaw dropped. Most of the tour packages in Alaska will include the light safari because it is something no tourist should miss if they want to leave Alaska with an everlasting memory.

Northern Canada

5 Best Spots To See The Northern Lights From!
Wikimedia Commons/Mike Hochachka

While we see many people visiting Canada, very few actually know about the Northern Lights in Canada. The key to have the perfect view of the Northern Lights is to hunt them in the darker months. This is why if you want to see them in Canada, the best months are between October to March. The best place to see northern lights in Canada is Northern Canada, preferably in the cold months. There are more than ten spots in Canada where you can view the the Northern Lights from, just be sure to check the weather forecast that day so you can avoid cloudy skies.

Everyone must at least ones in their lifetime experience this magical natural phenomenon. With the rising pollution levels, Northern Lights are definitely in danger of losing their brightness every single day. Be sure to visit at least one of the above-mentioned places till you still have the chance and we promise that you will never regret it!

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