5 Incremental Games Similar To Cookie Clicker

Remember the times when you were required to have this rocket science type of skillset to play games on those highly preached gaming consoles. Learning the controls itself, was a task that often required a guide.

Well, thanks to our dear phones, the center of life for many of us, those kinds of problems are the things of the past now. Now that we have a thousand types of games, there is bound to be something for every category. By category I mean, depending on your time and skills you can either turn to PlayStations or can simply pass your time with simple yet addictive phone games like Candy Crush.

Anyhow, the focus for today is, the people who look for games but like being involved in a minimal way, and for those types of the crowd, incremental games often do wonders. Yes! Incremental games are gaining a good amount of love from people regardless of their age, I mean why not, these games are fit to pass your time and do not require any god-like dedication, isn’t that perfect?

5 Incremental Games Similar To Cookie Clicker

Well, one such incremental game is, 2013 single-player, android, and browser game, Cookie Clicker. The game was programmed by the French programmer Julien “Orteil” Thiennot, definitely aware of the fact that the game has gained a good fan base, it has been upgraded from time to time. The name itself gives the literal instruction of what the game is about. Cookie Clicker is a simple game that requires the player to earn a cookie with every click, the player clicks on this giant cookie on the screen, and as soon as they stock a certain number of cookies they can use them to upgrade the game levels by purchasing stuff. The game is very addictive and a great way to pass your day.

So keeping in mind the love for a game like this, give us the honour to introduce you to 5 such games that are similar to Cookie Clicker, just in case you feel like trying a few more incremental games.

Clicker Heroes

5 Incremental Games Similar To Cookie Clicker

Clicker Heroes is a great idle game that was released in 2014, developed and published by Playsaurus, the game requires the player to kill these cute yet enemy monsters so don’t let the cuteness deceive you! The killing depends upon your clicks and once the monster is dead you end up getting their gold, thief vibes! The gold can be used to purchase heroes, the selection may take time depending on you and your confusion about whom to choose since it gives 30 options! The game moves forward in levels where every fifth level is a competitively hard one while the final level requires the player to kill the enemy in a limited time.

Egg, Inc

5 Incremental Games Similar To Cookie Clicker

This 2016 clicker game is perfect to let you achieve that ‘owning a farmhouse’ dream of yours! Kidding, though you will have some guaranteed fun while managing the number of chickens on the farm, selling the eggs for better fortune, and even building and increasing the farm by adding more hen houses to this virtual farm. The game was developed and published by American studio Auxbrain Inc. The gameplay is nothing much but to simply click the giant red button on the screen in order to increase the number of your hens!

Adventure Capitalist

5 Incremental Games Similar To Cookie Clicker

The 2014 clicker game developed by Hyper Hippo Productions is a great incremental game that takes place on Earth, Moon, and Mars. The stages I guess are pretty clear with the name itself, with Earth as the first stage, the player starts the game as the owner of a Lemonade stand and eventually invents and earns to move forward by increasing their ventures and eventually moving to the next stages which are set in the space. The game cover looks something similar to Monopoly giving an insight into what the basic game is about, i.e. expanding your property!


5 Incremental Games Similar To Cookie Clicker

Spaceplan is a 2017 incremental game developed by Jake Hollands and definitely a recommended game if you love some light space-adventure. The gameplay is simple and requires the player to gather resources to upgrade their tools while they are stuck around an unknown planet. The game received a good amount of positive feedback and is coming up with improved upgrades since the time it has been released.

Time Clickers

5 Incremental Games Similar To Cookie Clicker

Time clicker is a 2015 incremental game developed by Proton Studio Inc. The game has a simple but involving gameplay, it simply requires the player to collect things that appear on the screen and to destroy cubes in order to get the gold. It also consists of weapons that are basically to shoot the enemies, and by using the gold the player can upgrade their weapons and even hire an elite shooter to kill the enemies!

So these were some of the incremental games that we think you might enjoy as they are addictive yet need minimal engagement. Do let us know if you already are familiar with them, or if you are coming across them for the first time, well, in that case, please go ahead and play them, we assure you, you will not regret it.

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