5 Fashion Trends from 90’s That Made Absolutely No Sense

We all love to be constantly up to date with the ongoing fashion trends and not seem old fashioned. However, not all fashion trends can be followed, and it is safe to say that some of them make no sense at all and must leave the fashion industry as soon as possible! Here are five fashion trends 90s that make absolutely no sense!


5 Fashion Trends from 90's That Made Absolutely No Sense

This garment used to be worn to restructure the torso in a way that was desirable by the society. Not only were these garments extremely uncomfortable considering the fact that they forcefully slim the body confirming it to the societal stigma but also represented a very gendered nature of fashion. Women were expected to have a certain figure and if they didn’t then they had to wear these excessively uncomfortable garments to fit in. This trend has done more destruction, than good. Accepting women of a certain size as beautiful has done a lot to feed the insecurities of young girls.  Let us just say, corsets are gone and gone for good!

The Rattail

5 Fashion Trends from 90's That Made Absolutely No Sense
Wikimedia Commons / Mazbln

This hair trend is associated mostly with men. In this fashion trend one can see a tail like length of hair growing down the back of the head. Generally, the men who keep rattails keep their hair short or trimmed so the rattail is more prominently seen. Well, to say the least this hairstyle can sometimes look as gross as the name itself. Too bad this trend has not completely gone yet but it sure is endangered and hopefully will soon be extinct!

Jeans with Clear Knee Patches

5 Fashion Trends from 90's That Made Absolutely No Sense

These jeans are something no one asked for as they make absolutely no sense. It is a normal oversized jean but, on the knee, there are plastic patches, because if it rains our knees need to be protected right? Apart from this trend being absolutely irrelevant it is also very irresponsible to include plastic as a clothing material considering the already ongoing struggle with reduction in the use of plastic.

Dental Grills

5 Fashion Trends from 90's That Made Absolutely No Sense
Wikimedia commons / The original uploader was Calliopejen at English Wikipedia. – Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons.

Popular by the name ‘Grillz’ in fashion trends 90s is apparently thought of as cool. These are mostly made of precious gems, and act as tooth covers that cover one or more teeth with an intention of making them look more decorative and attractive. Well they sure will look more attractive with food stuck on them, right? Not only are they disgusting when worn, but even after one removes them, they cause decolouring of teeth so those who wear grills can bid farewell to their dental hygiene. 

Brow Trends

5 Fashion Trends from 90's That Made Absolutely No Sense

While perfectly shaped eyebrows can most certainly make the face look more defined, brow trends have the potential to bring out the wild and bizarre side of those following this trend! Be it Santa brows, studded brows, McDonald’s brows or braided brows, all of them look equally hilarious and anyone hanging out with people following the brow trend must be well trained at controlling laughter because some of these trends can definitely lead to a fit of laughter!

These are just five of the many other extremely ridiculous fashion trends that need to go out of the fashion market before they scare anymore people! What trends do you think are better forgotten? Also check out : Body Slapping : Would You Slap Yourself To Look Beautiful?

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