5 Feel Good K-Dramas That Will Brighten Your Day

Stress has become way too familiar, huh? Added to everyday responsibilities, the current pandemic has also had a great toll on our mental health. The worst part happens to be the ever-flowing negativity from many sources of media that you want to use for entertainment. 

When all hope seems lost, though, a bunch of smiley faced people from South Korea with happiness radiating out of them bring you stories and scenes that can’t fail in lifting your mood. Obviously, I’m talking about our beloved Korean dramas. You have to check out these light-hearted and humorous but well-scripted dramas for when you’re feeling down in the dumps. 

The Tale of Nokdu

5 Feel Good K-Dramas That Will Brighten Your Day

This is visually one of the brightest, most cheerful dramas out there. The pastel shades just reel you in, in the most relaxing manner ever. It is a historical drama about a boy who lives in a remote town with his father and brother, and is one day attacked by a group of female assassins. He chases after one of them and ends up in a secret village inhabited and protected solely by women. To find out the truth about the assassins, he disguises himself as a woman and enters the widow village. But getting information is harder than he thinks! With him discovering his shrouded past and a sweet romance budding in the story, this show with a dash of drama is easy on the eyes and the mind. 

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

5 Feel Good K-Dramas That Will Brighten Your Day

Okay, get ready to bust your UwUs because Park Bo Young and the adorable Park Hyung Sik’s cuteness will, without a doubt, overwhelm you. Here’s how this well-loved classic goes- Superhuman strength runs in the women of Bong Soon’s family. On the path of living with and controlling this crazy power along with following her dream of becoming a video-game creator, she meets Min Hyuk, the young CEO of a gaming company, who offers her a job as his bodyguard (yes, the typical CEO-Employee trope we all secretly love). I will be honest, because of its brilliant plot, the drama does have some pretty serious and intense moments, some even including forms of torture. But for the most part, it is a show that truly fills your chest with warmth, especially with its satisfying ending.

Mr. Queen

5 Feel Good K-Dramas That Will Brighten Your Day

I don’t even have words for how much I appreciate this show and its creators. Historical dramas are typically intense and, well, melodramatic, but Mr. Queen is truly one of its kind. It is about a modern-day, playboy-personality chef who falls into a pool and, by a miraculous phenomenon, wakes up in the body of Queen Kim So Young of the Joseon Dynasty. The process of him adjusting to being in a woman’s body, trying the most ridiculous of tricks to return to his world, hilariously inventing modern Korean delicacies in the historical past, and just remaining funny even through the politics of the kingdom will elicit a crazy amount of laughs and snorts out of you. Every serious scene is made more interesting with the presence of ‘Mr. Queen’! Genuinely, this drama has some refreshingly good quality humor, so do not miss out on this.

She Was Pretty

5 Feel Good K-Dramas That Will Brighten Your Day

With a gem like Hwang Jung Eum acing her role, this is one of the sweetest k-dramas you’ll ever see. It gets pretty emotional at times, but it makes you cry happy tears while eating a bucket of ice-cream. The story is an office romance that features Hye Jin and her childhood friend Sung Joon. In her childhood, Hye Jin was a beautiful, rich girl, while the latter was the ostracised, ‘ugly’ child. As they grow up and live apart, each of their lives do a complete 180. Hye Jin now finds herself hiding her embarrassing new identity from a handsome and successful Sung Joon, who is also her boss. How do you think this plot will progress? It is a story of coming to love and accept oneself with all your flaws, if you’re ‘pretty on the inside’. Sure, sometimes you’ll feel like conking Park Seo Joon over the head for acting frustratingly stupid, but overall, it is not a complicated or dark drama at all; it just tells a simple tale. ALERT: Major Second Lead Syndrome may develop. 

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

5 Feel Good K-Dramas That Will Brighten Your Day

Just, just watch it, okay? Adorable is the only way to describe it. Weightlifting Fairy is a coming-of-age, sports drama with characters who are all elite athletes in weightlifting, swimming, and rhythmic gymnastics. The story revolves around Bok Joo, a talented weightlifter who is pursuing her dream of winning her first gold medal when suddenly she finds love. As a girl who is very passionate and strong-willed when it comes to her sport, and also very cute and feminine when it comes to relationships, she kind of juggles love and her dreams as a student. All of the characters have struggles to get past their hectic schedules and pressures. I would describe this drama’s vibe as BRIGHT and very colorful, especially with Bok Joo’s kinda over dramatic but endearing personality and the absolutely squeal-worthy romance between her and Joon Hyung. It is a great show to relate to and laugh over as a college student, so don’t forget to invite your friends for a night of binging!

Which of these dramas tug your heartstrings in the best way possible? Tell us below!

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