5 Games Just Like Street Fighter

A few weeks back, a close relative passed away. It didn’t affect me. Or so I wanted to believe. Months went by, but his death seemed to stay with me. This episode did stir emotions that I didn’t know existed within me. Then, I tested positive for covid-19. I couldn’t sleep the night the doctor broke the news and the nights that followed. A close friend suggested that I needed to vent or make peace with the situation. I conveniently picked the latter.

The virus departed my body, and I was healthy again. Mentally? Not so much. On most days, I prefer to read. I enjoy reading non- fictions, mainly because it’s real. But I couldn’t get myself to welcome this reality. I needed an outlet. I picked up my phone and decided to install this game called ‘Street Fighter’. It’s an arcade game, I realized.

Familiar With Arcade Games?

games like street fighter

An Arcade Game is a gaming genre that focuses on fast-paced gaming and places emphasis on challenging you physically, requiring control over your motor skills and coordinative abilities. Action arcade games used to be very popular in the past. Street Fighter is an arcade game developed by Capcom in the year 1987! This was almost three decades ago and from what I found out, it was and to this date remains a huge success. Street Fighter, commonly abbreviated SF, is a fighting video game franchise. Street Fighter is one of the highest-grossing franchises of all time and serves as Capcom’s flagship series with total sales of 44 million units worldwide. The first installment was simple and easy to understand. With time, the following installments got more detailed and complex. The original “street fighters” were Ryu, Ken, Guile, Chun-li, and Zangief. Street Fighter II grew to outlandish fame and success. So much so, that the developers published five variations of it from 1991 to 1994.

Here’s a list of something close to the Street Fighter experience-1.

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown

games like street fighter

This is the 5th installment in Sega’s Virtua Fighter series. It’s an arcade fighting game. Its official release date was June 12th, 2006, in Japan. The original version was released on the Sega Lindbergh arcade system board. It hit Japanese arcades in the summer of 2006. They introduced two new characters- Eileen and El Blaze with the 5th installment. In this version, the characters have complex move sets. Virtua Fighter 5 has an in-game story; it just doesn’t have the actual story mode. It’s the latest installment in the series. It’s available on multiple platforms- the PlayStation, Xbox 360.

Super Smash Bros

games like street fighter

This is a series of crossover fighting video games published by Nintendo. It was first released on January 21, 1999, and the final installment Super Smash Bros: Ultimate was released on December 7, 2018. According to reports, this game was originally going to be released in Japan only, but due to its mad success, it eventually saw a worldwide release. “Ultimate” has a total of 103 installments

Primal Rage

games like street fighter

This game was developed and released by Atari Games in 1994. It’s a 2-dimensional video game and as the name suggests, involves a lot of fighting. This 2D video game has characters fighting each other in one-on-one combat. In this game, a meteor strike has devastated the world. It’s almost like, the world has come to an end and has given rise to all sorts of characters. These characters possess evil, supernatural powers and are waging war against each other. In this radiation scarred world, primitively referred to as “Urth”, seven creatures have emerged, and they wage war for absolute control over the new world; the ones who want to keep peace and the ones who want to cause further chaos and wreak havoc. These characters are called “virtuous beasts” or “destructive beasts” -both standing true to their names. This game is available on multiple platforms- PlayStation, 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, Sega 32X, Atari Jaguar CD, Sega Saturn, Amiga, Mega Drive/Genesis, Super Nintendo, Sega Game Gear, Game Boy, and PC CD-ROM.

Killer Instinct

games like street fighter

This game borrows the attack set of Street Fighter. This game was created by Rare and published by Midway, Nintendo, and Microsoft Studios. This arcade-style game was released on October 29, 1996. It’s a fighting game and the characters engage in one-on-one combat. This game focuses on draining the energy or “life bars” of their opponents. With each version, they introduced new features. Their latest installment was released on November 22, 2013.This game is available on several platforms- Arcade, SNES. Game Boy, Nintendo 64, Xbox One, Windows.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

5 Games Just Like Street Fighter

This game is based on the fictional universe of the DC comics. This fighting video game was released on 3 April 2013. The storyline revolves around all the DC characters like Batman, Death-stroke, Doomsday Prime, the Flash, and many more. This game was developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. It has an alternate story pattern and is quite intriguing and is very popular, to be fair. It’s available on several platforms- PlayStation 3, Wii U, and Xbox 360. 

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