5 Things Cats Fear Most Of The Time

As subtle and calm cats are, their behavior towards a few things can be over the top and completely dramatic. Sure, they are seen as the sarcastic animals and those who don’t show affection a lot but when it comes to reacting, they own the title of ‘drama queen’. Most of the time, cats are not scared of human beings but what they are scared of sure gives people something to laugh about. From inanimate objects like balloons to tiny turtles, these are just a few things that trigger the cats for some unknown reasons. 

All cats seem to harbor some kind/s of irrational fear. We can say that the term “scared cat” makes much more sense now. Although some of their fears are irrational, it makes them even cuter and adorable, if that is even possible. Scientifically, there is no specific reason as to why cats carry such irrational fears with them. It can be because they always have to be alert as their surroundings are not familiar but no one is sure. So, here are a few things that cats are sort of afraid and terrified of. 


things cats are scared of

Yes, balloons. These little guys are afraid of balloons. And who wouldn’t be? A ball filled with air that can burst in your face anytime and then hurting you? I think I understand their fear. Imagine them trying to overcome their fear of balloons and gather every ounce of courage, just to be scared in the end when the damn balloon bursts after touching it for the first time. I can only imagine the emotional trauma the cats might go through after seeing such horrific acts of colorful balloons bursting in their faces for no apparent reason. 


things cats are scared of

Believe it or not, cats, who are twice the size of turtles, are scared of them because…well again, there are no specific reasons as to why. We all know that turtles are nothing but adorable little creatures who just need to be showered with nothing but love, but don’t even try explaining that to your cat because for them, turtles are nothing but blood-thirsty, soul-sucking monsters who will kill any cat who comes in their way. So, I would suggest you steer clear of your cat/s of all types of turtles because god knows what goes inside their head when they see them. It is the best thing to do for both of the animals’ sanity. 


things cats are scared of

I guess we can give this one to the cats. The vacuum cleaners are large and loud when switched on. So them being scared of this harmful little thing does give them a benefit of the doubt. Although, it might be very funny if someone made a short movie about the cats and the barbaric monster aka The Vacuum. But as I said, we shall not say a thing to cats about this irrational fear. No one can say that they are overreacting or that they are just plain dramatic.


things cats are scared of

Cats are kind of like little babies, they get irritated because of water and sometimes even scared. But here the cats hit a whole new level with the irrational fear of water. But to defend them let me paint a little picture for you. For example, someone gives you a beautiful fur (fake) coat that fits you perfectly, it is obvious you will love it. Now imagine someone asking you to wear a coat that is dipped into water like a hundred times. You will not like it for obvious reasons, one because no one likes a drenched coat and two because it becomes unnecessarily heavy. Now imagine that for a cat. Its beautiful thick fur drenched in water not only makes them irritated but it also becomes difficult for them to carry their weight. So yes, this point goes with the cats. We understand you. 


things cats are scared of

Well, wouldn’t this be an interesting topic if humans had said that they were afraid of themselves? Keeping that aside, yes cats are petrified of themselves but not because they have a demon residing in their mind but because of the mirror. Do you remember the first time you saw a mirror when you were just an infant? Most of you might be fascinated to see a creature with chubby cheeks, round eyes, and tiny hands and legs but that is not the case for our little cats (or for any kind of cats for that matter). They are petrified when they see an animal who not only looks like them but also mirrors (pun intended) their actions. Cats like to try to startle the cat in the reflection but when they see it doing the same, they run out of there faster than you can call its name.

These were just a handful of irrational fears cats carry around with them. Apart from these, cats are also scared of bananas and apples. Yes, it is possible that your cat may be scared of such things but there is no reason to overthink their reaction to such things. Cats are just being themselves.

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