5 Hardest Games That You Should Definitely Try!

When it comes to games, the hardest one seems to be the most interesting one, right? That, I suppose, is the precise reason why the gamer community shows a unique interest in difficult games, no matter how frustrating, it still gives them that thrill they urge for.

I mean, it’s just an assumption, however, if for some reason, you, being a gamer are still a stranger to such games where passing a mission is more difficult than getting an A+ on your math quiz, then this very article is a sight from the god to finally try such a game at least once in your life! Kidding, it just means that maybe you should finally try a difficult game. So, here we are, with five games that are known for being the hardest ones when it comes to playing and finishing them!

Dark Souls

5 Hardest Video Games That You Should Definitely Try!

Just like the name of the game, your soul actually might become dark while trying to finish this game. I mean, obviously not literally but speaking in the sense of those movie plots where the character becomes dark due to the circumstances of the movie. Too deep? Fine, I guess you already have the idea about what I’m trying to say here, basically the game is difficult, with some of the hardest levels where every boss, in the end, is no less dangerous than the real-life boss that we face every day!


5 Hardest Video Games That You Should Definitely Try!

Yes, the name may sound all fresh and lively but finishing the game is not that lively! I mean, do not let the looks and name deceive you when it comes to this game. It may look all rainbows around but it is somewhat near to the volcano, not literally of course but in the gameplay sense. The stages with the boss are more in numbers and every fight demands a better strategy, I mean you getting what I’m saying? The game is a literal example of ‘ do not judge a book by its cover’!

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

5 Hardest Video Games That You Should Definitely Try!

Unlike the game’s name, your gaming spirit will die a lot more times than just twice! I mean, the game is sure difficult and the fact that it is from the developers of Dark Soul puts a further notice on its head for sure is no less when it comes to difficult games. The game is amazing to look at but looking at the same powerful boss while you desperately try to kill the boss may make you anxious and bored, but the game is really good, but still all the best!

Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy

5 Hardest Video Games That You Should Definitely Try!

So this game may make you scream out of frustration while you fall again and again and again! You get the idea right? So the game basically has some of the most difficult plots, in this one, the player as Bennett Foddy has his legs stuck in a cauldron! And while being stuck in that, you have to climb a rocky mountain with the help of a tool! Chances of falling? Infinite, so yeah, the game is no game for people with no patients!

Ghosts ‘n Goblins

5 Hardest Video Games That You Should Definitely Try!

Well, the game has it all, from ghosts to goblins and then to Satan! Yes, the game has a unique way to frustrate you while you play it. It is full of traps and chances are that you probably will quit before completing the first stage. Even if you complete it, Satan might make it hell for you once you understand that you were halfway deceived by Satan’s plan which means that you have to start again! Basically, the game is not for the people who love to pass some time while playing some light-hearted games!

So, yeah, these are some of the hardest video games that you should definitely try to get a better understanding of the hurdles one faces while playing a hard game!

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