5 Must Watch Anime That Are Not From Japan

The title shouldn’t surprise anyone at all. I mean, given the impact and the fan following the anime art commands outside of Japan. With Anime making headways not just in niche collections of enthusiasts the world over; but also on Netflix, it’s no surprise that everyone wants to have a piece of this Japanese pie. Or Sushi. And even the creators aren’t lagging behind. Here are the top 5 anime we’ve known all along, but aren’t actually from the land of the Rising Sun. 


This French anime is today available in three languages – French, Korean and Vietnamese. Not to forget the English dubbed version available on Netflix. Based on a video game of the same name, the series follows a group of close knit friends on a mission. The gang resolves to hunt down the real family of one of their friends. Not as easy as that is, apart from the obvious hurdles, the group faces a bunch of other unexpected hurdles – some thrown their way by a time manipulator. 

Megas XLR

First aired in 2004, this American creation was made by Jody Schaeffer and George Krstic for Cartoon Network. The anime revolves around two characters – slackers to say the least. Going about their shenanigans one fine day, the duo comes across a robot, from the future. What’s more, the guys decide to use the robot for their own mindless fun and activities. Until, unfortunately for their game plans, aliens from another planet step in. To make us of the robot all for their own needs. 


The second entrant on our list that started off not as an anime in the first place. This South Korean outing was released first as a webtoon which released an English translation seven years after being originally released in 2007. The protagonist of the series gets up after an 820 years long slumber. Feels like we’ve been in a slumber as long as that ever since the academic stepped in anyway. 

Cupid’s Chocolates

And here comes the entry from China. The series revolves around a college going student who kind of has his dream come true. And that of every other college going boy. He finds three girls all claiming to be his girlfriend. But what seems like a  joyride and a fantasy come true, turns out to be quite a nightmare for our hero. 

Jackie Chan Adventures

First made an appearance in 2000 and spread across five seasons. This one is a joint venture between the USA and China. And Jackie Chan is the main character here. So here’s bound to get himself into trouble. And staying true to tradition, he does. This time, by attracting the unwanted attention of criminal outfits. Will he be able to save himself and his family this time?
Whether Japan or not, everybody loves some good anime. But if you’re a hardcore anime truest, fret not. We’ve got plenty of those too.

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