5 Technological Goodies From Big Hero 6 That We Wish Were Real!

When it comes to animated movies with lovable characters, an impactful story, and stunning visuals & elements, you can’t forget Disney’s Big Hero 6. The story is set in the futuristic city of ‘San Fransokyo” which boasts of landmarks and culture from the real-world cities – San Francisco and Tokyo. It is 2032, and amazing technology like never before is used by citizens in everyday life. But we get a close-up with gifted science students who develop some pretty amazing gadgets to deal with the evil that is about to strike. Now, while I definitely did not cry like a baby through half of the movie (I did), there was something else that made me go just “WOAH”- The tech-savvy characters and their inventions!


5 Technological Goodies From Big Hero 6 That We Wish Were Real!

Of course, tiny robots that you can control infinitely with your mind? A hundred for me, please! Invented by our young prodigy, Hiro Hamada, a microbot is a small, black device in Big Hero 6 no larger than a nickel – seemingly harmless. But its versatility combined with thousands of fellow microbots allows this invention to take on any shape or form or carry out any action that the user can command through a neural-transmitter headband. They have a huge role in the movie, and we can understand how they helped Hiro get into the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology – they’re a genius creation!


5 Technological Goodies From Big Hero 6 That We Wish Were Real!

Chemistry geeks will absolutely love this. Honey Lemon, one of the heroes in Hiro’s team, is seen sporting a cute purse that can create any combination of elements (yup, even the craziest ones). All she has to do is select chemicals from the periodic table keyboard on the purse, releasing chem-balls that can be used for attack, defense, distraction, and more, depending on their properties. The modified version of the chem-purse also has a machine gun mode and a sniper-bazooka mode to shoot precisely-aimed grenades- need I say more? The possibilities and wonder are endless with this science lab condensed into a stylish handbag. If you were to give us q Big Hero 6 gift, let it be this. Please

The Fredzilla

5 Technological Goodies From Big Hero 6 That We Wish Were Real!

Umm hello? One of the coolest and most “in-your-face” additions to our list of technologies in Disney’s Big Hero 6 would have to be Fred’s super suit. Fred himself is an extremely relatable character, being a huge comic-book fan and an otaku, who seems to have the most out-of-the-box ideas. For their superhero mission, he designed a suit inspired by Japanese kaiju (like Godzilla), like the fanboy he is. It gives him the ability to jump super-high, breathe fire, and attack with claws while acting as an armor that protects him from outer attacks as well as his own flames. It also has a feature called Night Vision, coming from the suit’s lens that allows him to see in darker areas. Heck, I would put on this suit just to get groceries, all because of how cool it looks.

Mag-Lev Disks

5 Technological Goodies From Big Hero 6 That We Wish Were Real!

The woman who is speedy, witty, and tough as nails- all in all, iconic is none other than Go Go Tomago of the superhero bunch. She is also a scientist who had been working on electro-magnetic suspension, especially as wheels for her bike, which would give it almost super-speed due to zero friction. With the help of Hiro, she later integrates this magnetic levitation technology into her super-suit as the Mag-Lev Disks. They attach to her wrists and ankles and act as defensive shields and offensive weapons. She can not only roller-skate at god-speed, but can fling these disks at her opponents, after which they magnetically return to her. 

You’ll be happy to know that mag-lev is very much a real thing, currently being used in high-speed trains, and if it continues to develop, you might just be able to purchase the ultimate weapon sported by Go Go! 



Um, DUH. Baymax is, without a doubt, the best kind of technology you could ask for. Designed by our beloved Tadashi Hamada (give me a moment to cry, please), he is a healthcare providing nurse with vast medical knowledge and equipment, that is activated by the sound of distress and only deactivates once the patient says, “I am satisfied with my care”. This ‘big marshmallow’ is endlessly calm and compassionate, and just the idea of using robots for such a noble purpose, rather than for war, makes him memorable. Baymax can also be modified depending on the chip installed in him, like when Hiro created a fighting chip for him. At one point, he was also given armor with flight mode and rocket fists, but the original version of Baymax, the kind and healing one Tadashi intended him to be, will be the winner of our hearts forever.

The one-of-its-kind, cuddly robot in Disney’s Big Hero 6 is actually inspired by the soft-robotics research at Carnegie Mellon University, which has developed a vinyl inflatable robot arm to assist older people and people with disabilities. I guess a time will come in the future when you will have your own Baymax to love you and care for you- I mean, to assist you medically (I did not mean to sound so love-deprived back there).

The fact that nothing is magical in Big Hero 6- even the most astonishing of things are based on real-life, concrete scientific evidence- is what makes the movie a complete hit; both at the box office, and in our hearts! Drop your comments below and tell us which futuristic technology would be your favorite if it existed!

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