5 Things To Be Excited For In The New Loki Series!

Ask any MCU and Avengers fan out there who their top 5 favorite characters are, and Loki would have to be on the list for most people. There was just something so attractive and engaging about the sassy, sarcastic, and enigmatic villain that we couldn’t help but secretly root for him at times. Played to absolute perfection by Tom Hiddleston, he seemed to switch sides often but ended up as a hero when it really counted. Naturally, fans could not contain their joy when Loki, the series, was announced to premiere on June 9, 2021, promising a lot of new characters and a stellar cast. If you don’t already have enough of a reason to go watch it, read on, and by the end of this article, you’ll be buying your Disney+ subscription in no time.

Our favorite anti-hero in all his big, bad glory

5 Things To Be Excited For In The New Loki Series!

We loved the soft side of the God of Mischief that was gradually revealed during the Avengers franchise, but you have to admit, the wild and manipulative Loki had been one of our favorite Marvel villains. In the series, Loki is the protagonist and the “good guy”, if you will, but he retains that villainous touch that made him so entertaining to watch. The events after The Avengers feature in the show, where Loki is still the deceitful, unpredictable guy who tried to violently take over the Earth. This is what would make his character evolution much more dynamic, and we can’t wait to see how he transforms.

Infinity stones make a return

5 Things To Be Excited For In The New Loki Series!

You may be thinking, “but the infinity stones had been done away with during Avengers: Endgame?!”, and you’re not wrong. However, the Loki series is set within an alternate timeline, and the super-powerful stones that have been so crucial in the MCU will once again exist. This means that there are still mysteries about them waiting to be uncovered, and their appearance in Loki might also give us clues to understand the Avengers: Endgame better. Whether they become the agents of peace or weapons for war in the new series is a question only you can solve by watching it yourself.

Promises of a mystery and crime-thriller

5 Things To Be Excited For In The New Loki Series!

From a show about the God of Mischief, you’d expect fantasy and war; what you might not expect is an intriguing and intricately written crime thriller, as the makers have proclaimed it to be. From being the criminal in an intergalactic chase story, Loki goes on to solve a half-century-old, serious crime mystery with an agent of the Time Variance Authority (TVA) and Mobius. This promises to retain the freshness and surprises that we associate with Loki, and as Hiddleston has told the fans, allows us to expect only the unexpected.

The spotlight is finally on Loki


As much as he has managed to become a fan-favorite, Loki has always been a side character in the Avengers franchise. Now, however, we finally get to see him upfront, without the shadow of Thor or the other Avengers. This sets the stage for a lot more identity discovery and emotional connection with his character, as well as becoming privy to his thinking. While a Thor cameo could spice things up, we are looking forward more to exploring Loki’s gender-fluidity, his magic and shape-shifting skills, and his unique character development. It will be a chance to assemble him all over again from the very beginning of the Avengers universe. 

Looking forward to some fun time travel

time travel

Marvel has always come up with ways to manipulate time and revive dead characters in many movies, but going back and forth in time to do some detective-like work would be a good shade on Loki. His being the God of Mischief guarantees a lot of messing up and leading to entertaining events while playing with time, no matter how the Time Variance Authority tries to restrain him. Speaking of, getting to know more about the obscure organization TVA is an interesting prospect. 

Finally, you’re gonna want to watch Loki, the series simply because of how much the Marvel character brings to the table in terms of unpacking his past and emotions. Nothing seems to be ‘too much’ when the protagonist is the morally grey God of Mischief. An alternate timeline will reset the full arc that the character experienced in Avengers, and while that could either blow our minds or blow up in our faces, it is worth seeing where it goes. What do you think?

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