7 Animes Like Dr Stone You Need To Watch Now

Weeb alert!

There is absolutely no doubt that the anime community is one of the most blessed communities of all, I mean, I know our favorite anime make us cry our eyes out every now and then but the depth of the stories is some of the anime is simply worth all crying and the madness that takes us over as soon as we come across a new good anime!

The fact that we often try to compare a new anime with an already existing anime to see the similarities is not so rare. In fact, a lot of people do this, they find a good anime, and then when it comes to starting a new one, they simply look for something similar to what they have already watched, so that there is at least a fifty percent chance of the new one being satisfying.

 Well, we thought, since Dr Stone is definitely making people go crazy, why not suggest a few more that are similar to it. So, here are 7 anime that are similar to Dr Stone. So until you wait for the second season of Dr Stone, feel free to check these out!

Promised Neverland

The 2019 anime series, Promised Neverland, might look too happy and jolly at the start but soon enough it will leave you wondering about what just happened. The anime is already out with its second season so the curiosity to know more will be far less. The story revolves around the kids in an orphanage who soon discover some sinister purpose of them being raised! The anime is too good to not try!

7 Anime Like Dr Stone

Steins; Gate

The 2014 anime, Steins; Gate, is definitely a catch if you are looking for something that deals with time! The anime will wrap you with its story and the adventures that this group of friends will go through as soon as they send a message across time! Yes, time! I think you already know the type of story this anime is going for as soon as it is mentioned. Do give it a try.

7 Anime Like Dr Stone

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

This 2009 anime, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, is a sure watch if you love the thrill of escaping from a place that is falling apart, like literally. The story is about finding a safe route to home from a place that has been hit by a major earthquake. Basically, a story of two siblings and their journey to escape the falling place!

7 Anime Like Dr Stone

7 Seed

This one is way too similar. This 2019, 7 seeds, basically is a story that deals with a post-apocalyptic future with just a few men and women who are the only humans alive with the help of technology. However, as soon as they wake up, the earth is not the same and is full of new luring dangers that they have to face!

7 Anime Like Dr Stone

Astra Lost in Space

As the name in itself suggests, the story is too interesting to not watch. It is a brilliant 2016 anime that deals with the story of being stranded in space! The story takes place way ahead in the future when space traveling is a thing! However, an accident will lead to the group being way ahead of time deep in space where they will try to survive!

7 Anime Like Dr Stone

Uninhabitable Planet Survive

The 2003 anime dealing with an uninhabitable planet is way too exciting for space lovers! The anime deals with a group of friends from the 22nd century being stranded on an uninhabitable planet where they have to look for a way to survive. However, they will soon realize that they are not alone!

7 Anime Like Dr Stone

Death Note

Who hasn’t watched Death Note! I mean, almost everyone, but still it’s a recommendation for people who still are in the dark and are away from this series. The fact that Light Yagami and Tsukasa have the chance to build a world based on their perception of good and bad is kind of similar.

7 Anime Like Dr Stone

 Well, these were our recommendations for some of the anime which are in some way or other similar to Dr Stone. We know you are already getting excited to add these to your watched list, and maybe re-watch them as well! Anyways, no need to thank us, just enjoy the new anime that you read about here. Happy watching!

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