The Story Of A Brown Box That Changed Into The First Gaming Console!

Yes, yes, with great technology comes great gadgets but have you ever wondered how did it all start? I mean, there has to be an origin point of everything that we are using with so much ease in the current situation, right?

Well, it can of course, not be denied that gaming has already reached the next level with its consoles or when it comes to giving the best gaming experience to its fans, but let’s focus on its origin today! Yes, the console that you love so dearly today is a baby of the 60s!

The person that you can show your gratitude for inventing it for the first time is Ralph Baer, who was a German-American engineer who was also a skilled inventor. He made the first-ever gaming console in the late 60s, basically a home video gaming console, and named it “Brown Box”, which later became “Magnavox Odyssey” in 1972 as he licensed the design.

The First Gaming Console!

 The TV Game Unit #7 which was much popular by its nickname, the Brown Box, was the first that started the entire story. Although the Brown Box was just a prototype but had the basic features of a video game console that can be still found today, it was developed in 1967 by Ralph Baer and his colleagues after which they came up with the first multiplayer, multi-programming video game system. The prototype was a success as soon as they played their first Ping-Pong on it, it had other games as well which were assisted by some switches that were to be set in order to play a specific game. Program cards were available as part of the entire system. Some of the games that one could play on the Brown Box other than Ping-Pong were checkers, sports games of four different types, target shooting although the last one required special attachment, the game was soon licensed and was released as Magnavox Odyssey in 1972.

The First Gaming Console!

 The Magnavox Odyssey is proudly displayed at the Computer Museum of America. It was released in September of 1972 in North America. This creation soon inspired Nolan Bushnell to create Pong, programmed by AI Alcorn. However, the Magnavox soon was overshadowed by a better gaming console with more facilities, it still remains the origin point of every video game console to date, or we can surely say it was the guiding light for the renewed gaming consoles! Being the original product that dated back to older times, its games were technically kind of the same with some variations, it did not keep score or had any sound or much graphics. Despite a few setbacks that are seemed like a setback because we are comparing it with the new models, the Magnavox Odyssey still remains the grandfather that guided the path for the current video game consoles, the credit of which was even recognized by George W. Bush when he presented a National Medal of Technology to Ralph H. Baer in 2006.

The First Gaming Console!

 In the end, all we can do is thank god for creating a mind like Ralph who so brilliantly took care of the entire gaming community to such a neat level that no amount of thanking is probably gonna work enough.

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