7 Artists that Make Art While They Recycle

Trash is everywhere and while there are a lot of NGOs and environment groups recycling and cleaning up, there are some people who are a step ahead! They are turning trash into art. These artists are creating beautiful and inspiring pieces out of garbage.

Here’s a list of seven artists who are making art out of waste.

  1. 1 HA Schult

    He is a German artist and his art has adorned the streets of many cities. He is also known as an eco-art pioneer as he is one of the initial artists to work on garbage and do something about the ecological imbalance. His best-known art installation is the ‘Trash People’ which has been showcased around the world in many cities. ‘loveletters’ in Berlin is another interesting installation by the artist.

  2. 2 Tim Noble and Sue Webster

    They are modern British artists and are known for the shadow art. All you see is a heap of garbage but the real picture lies in the shadow. The artwork needs to be lit up from the correct angle to show you what it represents. The duo saved six months of their trash to make ‘Dirty White Trash.’ It makes you reflect on how much trash you send towards the landfill. Their ‘Wasted Youth’ uses a lot of beverage and food packaging one of the main things that contribute towards pollution.

  3. 3 Lin Evola-Smidt

    Lin Evola chose to depict the deal with gun violence in Los Angeles. She asked the locals to give up their guns, which she melted down to create small metal angels. Over time the city was filled with metal angels about three feet in size. She then decided to create bigger statues so they could take the centre stage at some local parks. Her 13 foot tall‘The Renaissance Peace Angel’ now stands at ground zero after the September 11 attacks. She is now on the move to make such structures across the globe.

  4. 4 Michelle Reader

    Michelle is a UK based artist who uses recycled material to make beautiful art. She holds a bachelor’s degree in arts and a master’s degree in Scenography. She uses household waste and industrial waste and also sources material from local charity shops and yard sales. She uses old toys and clock parts to add mechanical elements to her sculptures. She also undertakes projects for corporate clients. She also works alongside galleries, businesses, and schools as a freelance educator teaching them about art. She also makes awards and trophies from recycled material. Her most famous artwork is the family portrait of ‘Seven Wasted Men.’ Her most recent work is the black cab made with discarded coffee capsules.

  5. 5 Wim Delvoye

    Wim Delvoye is a Belgian artist. His art is inventive and often shocking. He creates beautiful art out of repulsive material. His Cloaca which represents the digestive process is installed at the Museum of Old and New Art, MONA in Tasmania, Australia. He even tattooed pig skins and also live pigs. His most interesting art is carved tires which are made by hand.

  6. 6 Jane Perkins

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